Developer. The developer portal includes all the resources required to start building your own custom local and remote Maltego transforms. The portal also. This page includes a user guide for Maltego, transform guides as well as links to our Youtube channel that includes videos tutorials on using Maltego. The first setting in the Manual Links settings allows you to choose if the Edit properties dialog should open when a new manual.

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The last button in the tab bar will maximize the graph window and minimize all other windows in the Maltego client as shown in the image below.

To add a new entity to your graph, click and hold on the desired entity and drag it onto the graph area as depicted below:. Custom views can be created from the Manage View window that can be opened from the dropdown menu shown below: Views are used to extract non-obvious information from large graphs — where the analyst cannot see clear relationships by manual manhal of data. Creates a single entity with properties malego all the entities that were merged.


File options Audio The Maltego client makes various sounds when different events happen on a graph to notify you. Interactive organic layout Freezing and refreshing the graph 9 Freezing the graph — The freeze button is used when you have many nodes that are coming into the graph e.

Twitter Affiliation entity with entity type overlay By default, when an attachment is added to an entity, a small paper-clip icon will be overlaid the entity icon on the left-hand side.


The Notes tab includes a large text area where a note for an entity can be added or modified.

From the Home options, you can choose if you want the Home page to open automatically when the Maltego maunal is started:. No documentation manuao provided with this as it is purely for demonstration purposes. Example graph with view set to ball size by rank This is better explained with a graph. Proxies are often used within corporate networks as methods of controlling how clients within the network get out to the Internet.

These sounds can be disabled from the Audio tab in malteho options menu:. On the right-hand side of the Home page you will find the Transform Hub. New Graph Entity Palette Entities Entities in Maltego are used to represent different types of information and are represented as nodes on your graph.

Select default web browser for Maltego to use.

Maltego User Guide

The image below shows the different options that are available to choose from manuxl defaults settings are shown: Your First Graph There are three ways to create a new graph in Maltego: In the image above, the context menu has been opened for a domain entity by selecting the entity and right-clicking anywhere on the graph.

Copies your current selections to a new graph. Think of this as a tree based layout — like a file manager. Full screen mode with annotations 2. When new entities are returned to the graph, only entities that are closely connected to the returned entities are moved instead of the entire graph laying out again every time new results are returned.


The font size for the Transform Output window can be malteggo by right-clicking anywhere in the transform output window and then either increasing or decreasing the font sizes as shown in the image below:. A color legend is then displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the graph for each entity type on the graph:.

The following sections will describe what each of the view options will do to your graph. File attachments can also be added to an entity by dragging and dropping it from your file manager onto an entity on the graph.

Maltego User-guide

It is often useful to bump up all the font sizes when using a 4k monitor that is physically small. This will open a dialog where a local file can be selected or a URL to a file can be malteo which will be fetched by the Maltego client. Dragging an entity to graph Once an entity has been mabual onto a graph it becomes one of the nodes on the graph.

Full screen mode is shown in the image below:.

When running multiple transforms, you can click on the transform progress to see which transform is currently running:. Link label panel The link labels and properties panel in under the View tab allows you to set what is shown on a link. There is also a large text area where entity notes can be added or edited.