by. Lohana Berkins, Lohana Berkins (Pocitos, – Buenos Aires, ) fue una activista transgénero argentina,12 defensora e impulsora de la identidad. The late afternoon sun casts a golden glow over children playing in the little park where Lohana Berkins has suggested we should meet. AWID is an international, feminist, membership organisation committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable development and women’s human rights.

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Because trans people become accustomed to a high level of violence, Lohana says: Unions face backlash after years of minimum wage increases.

The Ni Una Menos movement are making history. Indigenous lives matter in Canada. Nanjala Nyabola explains why Trump presents a challenge for those who work in human rights.

During the years of military dictatorship, travestis were routinely killed and imprisoned. Buenos Aires welcomed the WTO with a week of action. Defending journalism in a climate of fear. The late afternoon sun casts a golden glow over children playing in the little park where Lohana Berkins has suggested we should meet.

Lohana Berkins | | nati marcantoni | Flickr

But unders are allowed to have their name changed and be recognized according to their own gender identity. Today Argentina leads the world in recognizing the rights of transgender people. And in the worst male prisons, containing the most violent criminals.


Of prison she says: Is China detaining a million Uyghur Muslims? At the root of this shockingly low life expectancy is discrimination and all that emanates from it: Prime Berkkins Hun Sen has dissolved newspapers and the opposition.

But it hasn’t always been that way. Richard Swift explains how and why. We have known all sorts of violence. Why is it so easy for governments to ignore this much-feted document? befkins

Lohana Berkins

As people gain rights and acceptance, and the rigid binary definitions of female and male are challenged and become more fluid, so the need for surgical intervention decreases. They make items such as the overalls children wear in state schools.

Edward Siddons spoke to him to find out more about This makes gender reassignment surgery, paid bwrkins by the state, freely available. You do not have to conform to a strict stereotype.

We have a more revolutionary character. I think this is the best legacy we could have left.

Lohana Berkins – Wikidata

Explore your passions by topic and region. Tight definitions of transgender are avoided — allowing for the possibility of new identities in future — and it bears not a trace of the pathologizing language that so often surrounds the issue.


They can be brkins without surgery. Saudi persecution of the al-Nimr family continues. Only six per cent of Britons back selling arms to Saudi Arabia.

We are the poorest sisters of the movement. Or you have a deep voice and big feet — so what? Despite the atrocious human rights situation in the country, the West finds much to celebrate about Bahrain.

Straight talking and fiercely analytical, she comes across as a woman who knows exactly who she is. Why make women suffer twice? But trans activists like Lohana were drawing international attention to the appalling abuse.

Diálogo: Prostitución/Trabajo Sexual: Las protagonistas hablan

It is free to read online — please support us so we can keep it that way. Those who have left have set up other co-ops. The bill was not just fought for by transgender people; it was shaped by them.