Apple’s LiveType is an amazing title tool that is bundled with Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express. A lot of LiveType Tutorial for Creating an Animated Mask. I’m working through the tutorials of the online version of this video, and I must say that it seems to be a very thorough introduction to LiveType. The program is not. Scrolling Text in LiveType [This article was first published in the June, , issue of. Larry’s Final Cut Pro Newsletter. Click here to subscribe.] by Larry Jordan.

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It is essential to get these settings right. Each track is assigned it’s own color within the Timeline window for easy reference. A new purple effect track shows up immediately below your text clip.

Overall, the program is very user friendly and will have you creating animated text and looking like a pro in no time. To get the copyright to hold at the end, drag your text clip so it extends past the end of the effect. In the large text entry box at the bottom of the Inspector, type your text as you want it to appear in the credits. It may be something I could use. If the beginning of your text scroll no longer aligns with the start of the effect, and it probably won’t, press Home to move your playhead to the start of the timeline.

Apple LiveType Video Tutorials

Indeed, the basic FCP type-setting filters, being nice herewere weak. The Timing tab lets you adjust the length of your text clip it will export as a movie file and the Attributes tab offers a variety of text attributes such as color, opacity, rotation and scale. Changing the World of Text in Final Cut Pro 4 by Stacey Jenkins In previous discussions with other video producers, one thing we all agreed upon was that while Final Cut Pro was an excellent video editing software program, it was lacking somewhat in its text type options.

It displays text clips, tracks and project tabs. Your copyright notice should line up close to the baseline, with no words showing at the top. This sample animation was done entirely in LiveType.


Livetyype sure to reposition your Out to match the end of the text clip.

Scrolls text from bottom to top, fading in the ENTIRE text clip at the beginning and fading the entire clip at the end. This tutorial does its job well. Find recent content on the main index tutoril look in the archives to find all content.

Apple LiveType Video Tutorials

Jan 11, 6: You must apply the LiveFonts to the timeline and render them before exporting your text clip. It’s not hard and it can tutorkal great results — better than I could do on LT. User profile for user: Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, livteype it in, give it a second life. AE is a bigger commitment. Posted on Jan 11, East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

The trick is to learn how to use the features that lie just below the surface. The Objects tab lets you select a livetupe of futuristic motion backgrounds, such as Matrix, Bandwidth and Timecode backgrounds. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Topics include software applications, workflow optimization, tips and techniques, and much more.

TrackBack URL for this entry: These windows are the Inspector window, the Canvas window, the Media Browser window and the Timeline window.

There is an old saying that “the devil is in the details”, and this tutorial pays attention to those items that we need look at even before beginning to work in LiveType. Try not to use Lucida Grandeit doesn’t hold up well at smaller sizes. LiveType effects and layers. Part of the power of this tutorial is the rutorial with which you can navigate from lesson to lesson, to tutoriial and backup and replay a section. LiveType offers groundbreaking text effects, graphic backgrounds and animation fonts.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. You can even integrate Digital Juice backgrounds directly into LiveType for access to additional textures or ojbects.

The presentations are not too fast or too slow, and you can apply what you learn immediately to your own projects. Motion’s text capabilities make it really worth learning for titling tutoral.


Digital Juice TV

Josh has a warm and friendly manner which makes using this tutorial enjoyable as well as effective. Tutoria, program is not that difficult to learn if you’re an experienced Final Cut Express or Pro user, but there are hidden features that the author of this tutorial will show you how to use. I did some additional research and discovered a very easy way to use LiveType for all your scrolling end credits.

Recently, Brian, one of my students, pointed out a different way to create scrolling credits using LiveType. The numbers represent the changing position of the text. Add empty carriage returns after your last text credit to make room for the copyright tuotrial — the actual number of returns will vary depending upon the size tutoril the font you are using.

He concludes by showing how to pull it all together for a variety of projects, from a Web-based presentation to a broadcast-quality film. There are five scrolls to choose from: Check tutodial these short tutorials: The next two steps are the tricky part.

The title I want to tutoeial now is three words long involving 23 characters including the comma and 3 spaces.

Larry then builds upon this basic instruction, demonstrating how to edit templates and effects, create custom effects, import and export files, and create custom tuyorial editable LiveFonts. Because there doesn’t seem to be a book about LiveType, this video tutorial and the manual that comes installed with the program are the best best and only resources for learning LiveType.

When viewing your text clip in the viewer window you may have to adjust your in and out points, size and position of the text movie clip. Leading controls the spacing between lines. Apple drops out of NAB show was the previous entry in this blog.