El Clan del Oso Cavernario es el primer libro de la serie de enorme exito que continua en El Valle de los Caballos Los Cazadores de Mamuts Las Llanuras del . El Clan del Oso Cavernario has ratings and reviews. es un libro PRECIOSO, MARAVILLOSO, ABSOLUTAMENTE DESGARRADOR Y A LA VEZ. El clan del oso cavernario by Auel, Jean M. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now Seller: Almacen de los Libros Olvidado.

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Auel tapped into by taking the fossils that we all have seen in museums and the numerous pieces of scientific hypothetical information and forming a pre-historical fiction around them. She is punished for this, but later is allowed to continue hunting.

El Clan del Oso Cavernario by Jean M. Auel (5 star ratings)

Around the Year i I caveernario went out and purchased the next book when I was half way through this first one. He attempts to murder her.

There is some minor gore in hunting scene and one results in the death or a clan member. Sometimes, I wanted to smack some sense into these Clan men–how dare you libbro someone like that!

Ayla can do both. It was long and maybe just a little too descriptive at times And Ooba became such a sweet, loving sister to Ayla. She just is living with a bunch of under-evolved people who don’t cavrnario it. Again, the depictions are not graphic. I think that dynamic is what made this book so riveting to me.

A book I highly recommend! Lists with This Book. There’s evidently a lot of reserach that went sel these characters and they do feel like highly plausible beings who may once have walked our very same Earth. She is an inquisitive, logical tall and blond while her new family is survival oriented, ingrained, short and squat.

The majority of the issues that I may have had with the book were petty and not worth mentioning. In a way its perfect for around that age, because its all about struggling for acceptance and trying to learn the social norms of a society. I’d be horrified at my mother if she had kept it from me until I was 17 just because of …more I read this when I was Even the more controversial features of her Neanderthals –their “Memories,” a genetically-transmitted racial memory of past experiences, and their difficulty with verbal speech and consequent preference for sign language — have grounds in known Neanderthal physiology, such as their hyper-developed back brains, which control memory.


Again, this happens to Ayla quite a bit, in a rather uncomfortable rape montage nothing is too graphic, however.

That said, The Clan of the Cave Bear has no peers.

The antagonist is perfectly horrible. Set around 35, years ago at the time of the last Ice Age this is the first book in an epic series that follows Ayla on her caavernario from child to adult. I find it sad that this story could have been staged in any period of history. Iza is a medicine woman and although the child is one of the “Others” a Cro-Magnon human and very different to the Clan who are Neanderthals she is unable to walk away from a child who is in pain.

Auel 5 26 Jul 09, I don’t have that great luck with series, so I hope it does continue to carry me through to the last book.

I went to Enrichment a church women’s meeting about years ago, and they were having a book sharing activity. The flavor of this book is ‘tribal’, but the sentiment and the moral is, “the totem that chooses you can present many hardships and challenges, but the gifts are worth it.

Ayla has managed to get to a Cave where she was chased by but evaded a Cave Lion. And obviously she didn’t stop at the first sign of a “passionate part”, or she wouldn’t have know that there were passionate parts plural. The cro-magnons eventually replaced the Neanderthals when the Neanderthals failed to keep evolving.

For me, this story explores a time that I have never explored or read and I have basis for comparison. Over the course of one chapter there is discussion of a series of rapes. Plot summary After an earthquake kills the family of Ayla, a “Cro-Magnon” girl, she is adopted into the clan of Neanderthals.

That was a great adventure of a read! Her reconstruction of both Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal natural history, society and culture is of course speculative; but it is caveenario meticulously on this research. I stopped reading them after the third book in the series. I think I loved this libbro because I imagined it was the same way in my life. I don’t know how this book escaped my lcan for so long! Ayla is resourceful and filled with a desire to develop and learn and be excited by the world, something the Clan find hard to comprehend let alone to emanate.


El Clan del Oso Cavernario

ek She does the one thing she can, and thus achieves nobility and strength her persecutor can only envy. But I kept dancing and didn’t. So wl course it’s full of all kinds of horrible treatment of women, and of course it’s going to make a modern reader a bit frustrated, but as in my case completely fascinate them as well.

For anyone else who doesn’t know too much about Neanderthals vs Cro Magnons, like me, all you have to know is that the cro-magnon like Ayla were of the same species as us, and that the Neanderthals who raised Ayla were a separate species, though we do share some of their DNA from interbreeding.

Men can beat women and be completely justified–this happens to Ayla quite a few times in the book. She struggles to be considered part of a clan in which she should not be accepted. I did eventually pick it up on one of my many book hauls. Ayla’s journey made me very uncomfortable. Gender roles are the most obvious; against the backdrop of the male- dominated Clan, Ayla makes a lived-out case for a genuine feminism of the equalitarian rather than male-bashing sort that argues for social roles based on demonstrated ability and interests, not gender.

Would it be appropriate for a teen? I categorized it as Fantasy and I seemed to never be in the mood for that.