on Working Time, (Ley sobre la Jornada de Trabajo), of 12 (Boletín Oficial No. , 25 June , p.3). Decreto Ley N° _pdf . 2), as amended up to 26 November by Law No. Ley Nopdf on the Working Conditions of Domestic Workers (Decreto Ley n° Ley pdf. click on on the Working Conditions of Domestic Workers ( Decreto Ley n° sobre el régimen de trabajo del (Boletín Oficial No.

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Public holidays will be remunerated. In organising night or shift work, the employer shall invest particular efforts to organise work in a way that is adjusted to employees and take into account safety and health requirements in line with the nature of work performed during the hours of night work or in shifts. We update the database regularly but are unable to guarantee that the laws it contains are always complete, accurate and the most recent version.

Every 263390 is entitled to enjoy an annual leave with a duration in between 14 to 35 days depending on the seniority of the worker. The limitation of 8 hours does not apply to workers holding responsible positions, when the work is performed in teams, or in cases of accident, urgency, or force majeure, when the work cannot be made during normal working hours. Employer shall mean leh physical or legal person for whom a service is rendered.

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Deviations from these provisions may be 2690 through collective bargaining agreements concluded or approved by a central employees organisation. Work may be interrupted by a rest break of at least 30 minutes for a working period of 6 hours, unless otherwise specified by a separate law.


To this respect, annual leave, sick leave and other periods on which the worker would otherwise have worked shall be counted as working hours performed. In case of domestic work, the schedules of working hours shall be agreed between the worker and the employer.

It is not permitted to employ young workers years old in night work, comprising the period between 20h and 06 of the follwing day. While on annual leave, the employee has ely right to salary compensation in an amount determined by a collective agreement, employment rules or employment contract. The hours of night work shall not exceed 7 hours per day.

General limit No general statutory daily hours limit. Workers performing work on Holidays shall be entitled to ly increased salary.

No provisions on night work apply to domestic workers. Compensation for overtime work Overtime rate s Wages for overtime must be paid to workers as follows: No daily limit applies for domestic workers.

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Annual leave is remunerated with full pay. A minor may perform work only if he or she has reached 15 years old, is not 266390 to attending compulsory primary school, and is authorised by his or her legal representative to conclude a specific employment contract. Night workers are entitled to a health assessment before they start night work and subsquently at periodic intervals.

In continuous shift work, the limit of overtime working hours is set in 1 hour per day to a maximum of 50 hours in total per week including normal and overtime hours. The hours of work shall not exceed 8 hours per day.

Ley n° Prohibición de Trabajo Infantil y Protección de by Abi Gonzalez on Prezi

Christmas Decorations Shop to build a better world! Workers are entitled to one-twelfth of annual leave for each month of work if: The hours of work in any indiviudal week must not exceed 56 hours. It is not permitted to employ young workers years old more than 6 hours per day. The Congress of Argentina approved on 17 Marcha Bill for discussion in the Senate regulating the working conditions of Domestic Workers and modifying the current Act on Employment Contracts.

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Argentina – Working time – 2011

No specific overtime rate is set forth. Overtime work hours shall not exceed 3 hours per day, 30 hours per month and hours per year. As far as possible, the weekly rest period should be enjoyed in the weekend. On-call time may be scheduled by the employer where the nature of the work so demands.

It is not permitted to employ young workers years old in night work, comprising the period between 20h and 06 of the follwing day. Any outstanding annual leave in excess of the portion of annual leave may be carried over and must be taken no later than 30 June of the next year. Workers shall be provided with “rest intervals” during which employees are not obliged to remain at the workplace after 5 consecutive hours of work.

Section 13 a Weekly hours limit General limit Regular working hours may not exceed 40 hours per week. Relevant provisions have been not identified. Maximum 12 hours a day, including overtime.