In the lengthy colophon at the end of the Hebrew illuminated manuscript known as the Kennicott Bible Offsite Link (Oxford, Bodleian Lib., MS. Kenn. 1) the scribe . We offer 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript “Kennicott Bible”: The Kennicott Bible facsimile edition, published by Facsimile Editions Ltd. – London, Label. loading. About. The Kennicott Bible. The Kennicott Bible is the most lavishly illuminated. Hebrew Bible to survive from medieval Spain and. Highlights .

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This composition is appropriately dignified through the employment of fine, fantastical ornamentation and precious gold leaf, which shines on all the pages.

This very fine Hebrew Bible was made for a wealthy young patron, Don Isaac, and is the product of rich scribal and artistic traditions. It yielded no materials of value for the emendation of the received text, lennicott by disregarding the vowel points overlooked the one thing in which some result grammatical if not critical might have been derived from collation of Massoretic manuscripts.

Not satisfied merely to reproduce the appearance of parchmentthe original folios were studied and measured for their thickness, weight and opacity. Retrieved from ” https: The price includes robust protective packaging, worldwide courier delivery and insurance to your door.

Check out our popular filters below! He was also a canon of Christ Church, Oxfordand rector of Culham in Oxfordshireiennicott was subsequently given the living of MenheniotCornwallwhich he was unable to visit and resigned two years before his death. The manuscript is preserved in the Bodleian Library.

The first contains “a comparison of I Chron.

Benjamin Kennicott

While the scribe was always the more important and well-paid of the team, it is rare to find a Hebrew manuscript with a flamboyant Jewish artist whose extraordinary colophon appears in huge letters at the end of the book.


Kennjcott or UK public library membership required. She survived him by many years, dying in He did buble work alone, but in close collaboration with eknnicott artist of genius, who on the last page of the manuscript exuberantly signed his name in anthropomorphic and zoomorphic creatures: The manuscript, executed at a time when Jews — targeted by the Spanish Inquisition — were constantly harassed until their final expulsion inshows the significance of perpetuating the Jewish heritage with the creation of lavishly made manuscripts.

In the course of his work Kennicott acquired this manuscript which in addition to its traditional masoretic text features an elaborate and imaginative decoration that still survives today. The publication of the Kennicott Bible marked a milestone in publishing history and was greeted by enthusiastic press reviews and major editorials from publications around the world, some of which can be read in the press section of this website.

The Kennicott Bible | Polonsky Foundation Digitization Project

Exact reproduction of the original document extent, color and size Commentary 1 volume 97 pages by Bezalel Narkiss and Aliza Cohen-Mushlin Binding Fine Italian morocco goatskin box-binding over specially prepared boards.

In order to reveal up to 24 different colours applied by the artist in a single square inch of design, computer-controlled laser scanners were used to produce the first colour separations. While the text of bibld Bible is the traditional massoretic text, it is the elaborate, imaginative decoration for which it is treasured.

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The Kennicott Bible

Bibpe gathering information about what you’d like to find here. ISBN 0 Price: Among the many illustrations depicted in the Bible we find King David on his throne, Jonah being swallowed by a fish, or Balaam as an astrologer consulting an astrolabe, all representing the individual style of the artist.

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OxfordBodleian LibraryMS. The Bible is astonishingly well preserved for, in years, only 30 art historians and scholars have been privileged to study it. Collecting Books, Manuscripts, Art. The two volumes are cased in a presentation portfolio box.

Grafiche Milani, then under the bilbe of Luigi Canton regarded the reprinting of the manuscript as a supreme challenge in which the entire workforce would strive to produce a book of unparalleled, consummate beauty. Secure in its distinctive box binding, it may have gone with Isaac di Braga first to Portugal, and from there to North Africa, eventually, almost three centuries after its completion, finding its way kennnicott Oxford.

Paper Specially and exclusively milled for this facsimile Neutral pHgsmvegetable parchment paper Opacityfeel and thickness almost identical to the original manuscript. Interlacing geometric designs on all six sides embossed with handmade dies. Binding description Fortunately, the binding has survived the centuries and it is as lavish as the manuscript itself for it is a morocco goatskin box binding, blind-tooled on all six sides and embellished with cut-out endpapers kennivott the intricate motifs of the carpet pages dividing the Bible into its 3 main sections.

Kdnnicott Old Testament in its Social Context.

Folios vr – King David depicted as the king of clubs, possibly copied from The Master of the Knnicott of Womena set of Spanish playing cards. An extremely noble appearance and very accurate execution characterize the style of the Kennicot Bible.

Spread the Love for Medieval Art! A strictly limited edition of copies. Zaraba was supported in his work on the bible by the painter Joseph Ibn Hayyim.

Les Proverbes de Salomon PentateuchProphets and Hagiographa.