Whenever they pray they add Olorun Joseph Ayo Babalola. That is how much he is reverred by CAC adherents. This is one of the things that got us curious in. JABU, a private University in Nigeria to provide teaching, research and service that would encourage learning and stimulate academic exchange nationally and . Joseph Ayo Babalola was born on April 25, in Odo-Owa, Oke-Ero LGA, Kwara State to Pa David Rotimi and Madam Marta Talabi who belonged to the.

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Ayo Babalola was sent out of the Anglican Church of his village by his Bishop because most members of the Church see visions; speak in tongues and pray vigorously.

English, the other four subjects must include literature in English. What followed this in three weeks was the healing of about lepers, 60 blind people and 50 lame persons. After this event, news of the revival at Efon spread to other parts of Ekitiland [23].

Thus, Babalola became a prophet and a man with extraordinary powers.

Welcome to Joseph Ayo Babalola University!

Babalola requested an open space for prayer from the Oba who willingly and cheerfully gave him the privilege to choose a site. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Joseph Ayodele Babalola while in Yagba, performed mighty works of healing. This also resulted in the desolation of Churches in Ilesa because their members transferred their allegiance to the revivalist and that all the patients in Wesley Hospital, Ilesa, abandoned their beds to seek healing from Babalola. Leave this job you are doing; if not, this year you are going to be cut off from the earth. Many Muslims and Christians from other denominations and some traditional religionists were converted to the new faith during the revival [12].


Retrieved 6 May He told the inhabitants of Odo-Owa josepy an impending danger if they did not repent. Babalola was brought up as an Anglican.

Joseph Ayo Babalola – Wikipedia

The other larger faction and in which Prophet Joseph Babalola was a leader eventually became the Christ Apostolic Church. An entire building was provided for their comfort. In defense against the prophesied invasion of the town by wild beasts the people of the town armed themselves with Guns and Cutlasses.

He was credited with healing powers. During this period he also visited many towns and villages based on the Lords guidance where he preached the message of healing and deliverance to the people. Physics Electronics, as in Computer Science.

The Muslims in Offa became jealous and for that reason incited the members of the community ayk him.

The moment they set eyes on me they fled. At Ilesa, he was introduced to the whole conference and was lodged in a separate room because of his prophetic mission. The success of the revival was accelerated by the conversion of both the Oba of Babalo,a and the Oba of Aramoko. Babatope, a notable Anglican teacher, before his conversion and later, one of the outstanding leaders of the Faith Tabernacle in Nigeria.

Joseph Ayo Babalola

After this event, news of the revival at Efon spread to other parts of Ekitiland. Babalola retreated to his home town in Odo-Owa for a personal prayer retreat. All he took was his bell and his staff and he went to the hill with people watching him.

Joseph Ayo Babalola University. He was sentenced to jail for jpseph months in Benin City in March This page is available in:. Professor John Peel [28] recorded that the membership of the C. While those who deceitful accept him as there savior with rust away. The CAC regards Babalola as an apostle and his revival ministry as the beginning of the church.


Babalola was a spiritually gifted individual who was genuinely dissatisfied with the increasing materialistic and sinful existence into which he believed, the Yoruba in particular and Nigeria in general were being plunged as western civilization influence on society grew. Rotimi who was a teacher at C. Just like the Old Testament prophets, Babalola was called by God into the prophetic office to stand before men [3]. He later joined the Faith Tabernacle Church in November where he was baptized in Lagos lagoon in December the same year.

On that day, it was believed that a strange and mighty object exploded and shook the clouds [2]. Myers, the only surviving missionary, sent his wife to the hospital where she died in childbirth [24].

The history of their lives does not of itself amount to the totality of the history of man. Witches confessed and some demon possessed people were exorcized [20]. Pastor Titus was a teacher and preacher at the Sudan Interior Mission which was then thriving at Yagba.

A Religious Movement among the Yoruba Oxford: He also sometime stand for 7 days praying to God unstop. Among the regulars was Isaiah 01uyemi who later saw the wrath of Bishop Smith of Ilorin diocese [8].

Both Dallimure and the Baptist pastors reportedly asked some men from St.