Ciné-Ethnography: Jean Rouch Edited and translated by Steven Feld. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, $ cloth; $ paper. Jean Rouch was a French filmmaker and anthropologist. He is considered to be one of the Godard said of Rouch in the Cahiers du Cinéma (Notebooks on Cinema) n°94 . Portis, Irene – Jean Rouch: The Semiotics of Ethnographic Film Irene Portis – Winner Cambridge, MA August 7, ; Rothman, William (editor). Cine-Ethnography has 19 ratings and 0 reviews. One of the most influential figures in documentary and ethnographic filmmaking, Jean Rouch.

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Jean Rouch has made more than one hundred documentary films in West Africa and France, pioneered numerous film techniques and technologies, and in the process inspired generations of filmmakers. Film and MediaAnthropologyCultural Criticism.

One of the most influential figures in documentary and ethnographic filmmaking, Jean Rouch has made more than one hundred films in West Africa and France. In such acclaimed works as Jaguar, The Lion Hunters, and Cocorico, Monsieur Poulet, Rouch has explored racism, colonialism, African modernity, religious ritual, and music. In the four essays that follow, Rouch discusses the ethnographic film as a genre, the history of African cinema, his experiences of filmmaking among the Songhay, and the intertwined histories of French colonialism, anthropology, and cinema.


Project MUSE – Cine-Ethnography

And in four interviews, Ethnograpuy thoughtfully reflects on each of his films, as well as his artistic, intellectual, and political concerns. Jean Rouch was born in Paris in He studied civil engineering before turning to film and anthropology in response to his experiences in West Africa during World War II.

Rouch is the recipient of numerous awards, including the International Critics Award at Cannes etgnography the film Chronicle of a Summer in Ably introduced and translated by Steven Feld, this book, which will be an indispensable resource for any person interested in visual studies, introduces readers to the provocatively challenging visual world of Jean Rouch—in his own words.

It is a wondrous world, indeed. It is a book both by and about the pioneering documentary filmmaker whose motion pictures unite cinema and ethnography, documentary and drama, empirical science and surrealist dreams. Certainly the most complete book in English about the work of this paramount character of visual anthropology.


Jean Rouch Chronicle of a Summer: University ethnograpjy Minnesota Press Coming soon.

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Documenting the influential career of the legendary Ethnogrqphy documentary filmmaker. Visible Evidence, Volume Steven Feld is professor of music and anthropology at Columbia University.

The Ethnography of Jean Rouch. Fthnography Publications Art and the End of Apartheid The first book to fully explore cosmopolitan modern art by black South Africans under apartheid. French Colonial Documentary Mythologies of Humanitarianism Examines cinematic colonial stereotyping as the basis for humanitarian action.