IRFZ20/IRFZ HEXFET ® TRANSISTORS 1. 50 Volt, Ohm HEXFET. TOAB Plastic Package. The HEXFET technology has. TOAB Plastic Package. Product Summary. Part Number. IRFZ20 NJ Semi- Conductors encourages customers to verify that datasheets are current before. IRFZ SiHFZ ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS. PARAMETER for any errors, inaccuracies or incompleteness contained in any datasheet or in any other.

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In addition to this feature all have documented reliability and parts per million quality! The transistor also offer all of the well established advantages of MOSFETs such as voltage control, very fast switching, ease of paralleling, and temperature stability of the electrical parameters. They are well suited for applications such as switching power supplies, motor controls, inverters, choppers, audio amplifiers, high energy pulse circuits, and in systems that are operated from low voltage batteries, such as automotive, portable equipment, etc.


IRFZ20, SiHFZ20 Datasheet

Pulse width limited by max. See transient temperature impedance curve see fig. The technology has expanded its product base to serve the. In addition to this. The transistor also offer all of the well established.

IRFZ20 Datasheet(PDF) – Vishay Siliconix

They are well suited for applications such as switching. Pulsed Drain Current b.

Single Pulse Avalanche Energy c. Linear Derating Factor see fig.

Maximum Power Dissipation see fig. Operating Junction and Storage Temperature Range. Soldering Recommendations Peak Temperature. Typical Socket Mount, Junction-to-Ambient.

IRFZ20, SiHFZ20 product information

Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current. Drain-Source On-State Resistance b. Drain-Source Body Diode Characteristics. Continuous Source-Drain Diode Current.

Pulsed Diode Forward Current a. Body Diode Voltage b. Body Diode Reverse Recovery Time.

Body Diode Reverse Recovery Charge. Vishay Intertechnology Electronic Components Datasheet.

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