– this is the main address on the world-wide web under Informationskreis KernEnergie, and Kerntechnische Gesellschaft e.V. can be. Lessons Learned from “Informationskreis Kernenergie” Activities e Identify your allies in every possible area of common interest and try to get them involved. e. is the address on the worldwide web under which the German nuclear organizations, Deutsches Atomforum (DAtF), Informationskreis.

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The Soviet designed Rheinsberg and Greifswald nuclear power plants are shut down. Start of deep drilling in the Gorleben exploratory mine.

The licence for the “Konrad mine” achieves legal validity on 3 April on passing of the resolution by the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig. On 31st October, the invormationskreis reactor of the Technical University of Munich – the “nuclear egg” – is put into operation as first reactor in Germany. The prototype decommissioning of a nuclear power plant Niederaichbach is started.

The Neckarwestheim II nuclear power plant goes into operation on 3 January.

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The World Association of Nuclear Operators WANO is established in Moscow to increase the safety of nuclear power plants by informationzkreis of a global exchange of ideas and experience.

The heavy water reactor is operated with natural uranium. Following the halting of operations, the shutdown procedure for the Morsleben final repository for radioactive waste ERAM is introduced.

Enrico Fermi and his staff design and construct the first nuclear test reactor. Site occupation of the planned Wyhl nuclear power plant. The amended Radiation Protection Ordinance comes into force. Between and arounddrums containing low active waste and 1, informationskteis containing medium active waste are placed into storage in the Asse mine shaft.

Ernest Rutherford develops his theory of the structure of the atom and the radioactive decay. Construction of the fast breeder reactor begins in Kalkar. The gas-cooled heavy water-moderated pressure tube reactor has an output of MW. Anti-nuclear power plant demonstrations in Kalkar. The German coalition government decides to extend the operational lifespans of nuclear power plants by an average of 12 years.


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Geschichte der Kernenergie

Planning permission application for “Konrad Mine”. Anti-nuclear power plant demonstrations in Brokdorf The Konrad mine shaft is set up for the exploration and experimental storage of radioactive waste. On 26 April the most serious accident to date in the history of the peaceful utilisation of nuclear energy occurrs in unit four of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the former Soviet Union.

The Brokdorf nuclear power plant is put into operation on 14 October. Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann succeed in demonstrating the fission of the uranium atom. The contents of the agreement are implemented in the new version of the Informationsoreis Energy Act. Informationskries new version of the Atomic Energy Act in German.

MOX processing in Hanau is halted.

US President Dwight D. The Isar 2 and Emsland nuclear power plants are put into operation. The Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant is put into operation on 30 December. The containment structure functions as intended. From 1 October a moratorium of no less than three but no more than ten years. Start of storage at the spent fuel storage facility Gorleben first Castor transport.

The Federal Government resolves that reprocessing in the member states of the European Communities secured by long-term contract could be accepted as part of the integrated waste management concept. The first nuclear partial licence is granted for the construction of the Gorleben pilot conditioning plant PKA.

The legislative authority then also facilitates “direct final disposal” of spent fuel assemblies. Joliot, Halban and Kowarski identify the neutrons released during nuclear fission which initiate a chain reaction.


Informationskreis KernEnergie

The Niederaichbach nuclear power plant is put into operation. Informationekreis Gorleben hearing on the safety of nuclear waste management facilities. Violent mass demonstration in Brokdorf. Marie and Pierre Curie discover the decay of the element radium into other elements, emitting ionising radiation. In June the Kahl experimental nuclear power plant VAK feeds electricity produced using nuclear energy into the national grid for the first time in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Laying of the foundation for the first large-scale uranium enrichment plant in the Federal Republic of Germany in Gronau. On June 14, the Federal Government and the utility companies initial an agreement about the future operation of the German nuclear power plants. Issues and Topics Advertise Publish Contact. On the basis of this theory, Niels Bohr develops later a model of an atom.

Foundation of the Informationskreis Kernenergie. The first controlled nuclear fission takes place in the THTR thorium high temperature reactor. The Obrigheim nuclear power plant is shut down on 11 May. Start of exploration of the Gorleben salt dome as a final repository for high active waste.

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Restart of exploration of the Gorleben salt dome. The Atomic Energy Act is promulgated in the Federal Republic of Germany It is the legal basis for informationsreis construction and operation of nuclear power plants. On December 15, the final unit still in operation at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant – Unit 3 – is closed down for good. Start of work on the fast breeder project in Karlsruhe.