Dive deep into William Dean Howells’ Editha with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. Editha has ratings and 33 reviews. Grace the Book Queen said: I did not like this story. I get what it’s trying to say and what it’s trying to do, bu. “Editha” is essentially about a women, named Editha, who attempts to pressure her It was not uncommon for William Dean Howells to express his opinions on .

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It all interested her intensely; she was undergoing a tremendous experience, and she was being equal to it. Gearson was not well enough to write herself, and thanking her for her letter by the hand of someone who called herself “Yrs truly, Mrs.

And nothing changed, Editha is Editha except that poor George howlels.

Well, I daresay open-minded woman must call off the engagement to give lawyer beau time to think about what exactly he wants. There was a frantic time of trying to make out that it might be, must be, some other Gearson; but the name and the company and the regiment and the State were too definitely given. She’ll understand a little if I say that I thought the way to minimize it was to make war on the largest possible scale at once–that I felt I must have been helping on the war somehow if I hadn’t helped keep it from coming, and I knew I hadn’t; when it came, I had no right to stay out of it.

Then she sat down, if not calmly yet strongly, and wrote:. We’re to be formally accepted at the capital, and then bunched up with the rest somehow, and sent into camp somewhere, and got to the front as soon as possible.


“Editha” by William Dean Howells by Jamie Phipps on Prezi

I ought to have been a preacher, after all; then I couldn’t have asked it of myself, as I must, now I’m a lawyer. I should hate that, wherever I happened to be. I’m going back to bed, myself. She will even sacrifice her editba with the man she loves before turning her back on her country.

Editha by William Dean Howells

Besides, she had believed in the war from the beginning. Howells’ critique of romanticism shares certain parallels with the masterpiece of American realist fiction, Twain’s Huck Finn, chiefly the movement from romantic perception to horrifying, darkly satiric realism and back again.

Only at the last moment he said: I shall have to write and tell her–“. If with an empty sleeve, then he should have three arms instead of two, for both of hers should be his for life. This was a pretty decent story about how we fail to see war for what it really is.

I think that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and she’s not a good person and the worst thing about her is is she didn’t learn her lesson.

This is probably cheating but I am going to count what I am reading for school except for poetry, because I don’t even like to read it let alone review it so that I still make my book goal for the year.

William Dean Howells’ “Editha,” Richard Lovelace, and Shakespeare

The seated woman turned her head round and up, and asked the woman behind her chair: I was amazed but delighted at the amount of sarcasm the soldier and his mother had.

I liked this story hoqells the way I like the message and its imagery and it’s well written. Within the letter, Editha tells him that they can not be together if they do not views things in the same manner. He went away without kissing her, and she felt it a suspension of their engagement.


A war for liberty and humanity, if ever there was one. It was very low inside the house, and so dim, with the closed blinds, that they could scarcely see one another: To ask other readers questions about Edithaplease sign up. There are no two sides any more.

She had the fever that she expected of herself, but she did not die in jowells she was not even delirious, and it did not last long. In the presence of the tremendous fact that he announced, all triviality seemed to have gone out of him; she began to feel that. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

She had decided that she could not let him stay, when she saw him at the end of the still leafless avenue, making slowly up towards the house, with his head down and his figure relaxed. It had come to that confidence which is rather apt to grow between artist and sitter, and Editha had told her everything. Her father went with her on the long railroad journey from northern New York to western Iowa; he had business out at Davenport, and he said he could just as well go then as any other time; and he went with her to the little country town where George’s mother lived in a little house on the edge of the illimitable cornfields, under trees pushed to a top of the rolling prairie.