On page two of Hiromi Kawakami’s The Briefcase, when narrator Tsukiko is explaining how her story begins and how she became. This week at Necessary Fiction I reviewed Hiromi Kawakami’s The Briefcase, which was published last spring by Counterpoint Press. I had a lot. Hiromi Kawakami’s The Briefcase (translated by Allison Markin Powell) is a brief but powerful novel about the development of a rather unusual.

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As the relation ship develops you see them doing many things such as watching the cherry blossom falling of the trees ,picking mushrooms and visiting an Island for a weekend away. There is integrity and warmth in their camaraderie despite immense age difference. Share Print Tweet Email. His back seemed somehow ths and remote. On another, we see Sensei responding uncharacteristically when Tsukiko is insulted by a drunk at a bar.

He is protective of her.

The Briefcase by Hiromi Kawakami

Or sparse, haiku as opposed to Shakespeare. Loneliness is symbolised through many seemingly trivial instances in the story. Ecco cosa ci frega in ultimo. Among the Lost by Emiliano Monge tr. This is a very foodie book; if you’re into Japanese cookery you’d find it inspiring. We see a strange love story that surpasses age, thinking the teacher is older and there are clash of ideas.

Serialisation is common in Japan as it was in Victorian Englandand it works really well here.

She lives an empty life, bereft of meaningful relationships and has even deliberately distanced herself from her family who hirpmi to live in the same neighbourhood as her. Physical pain inspires the worst kind of helplessness Thr feeling of loneliness is a tangible reality. I also didn’t believe in Tsukiko’s feelings towards him – it just seemed too odd and out of the blue.


It does gives it a slow feel and feels like a much thicker book than it is think this is one of my favourites from Japan in recent years all the best stu.

Just when I thought it was so close, it would recede. As the light creeps over the hills, their outlines are dyed a faint red and wisps of purplish cloud trail over them.

Hiromi Kawakami – The Briefcase

The pair meet in a traditional Japanese bar. I wiped it away with the back of my hand as Sensei looked on disapprovingly. This vision really speaks to the kind of loneliness Kawakami is addressing in the novel and how fleetingly it may be soothed, how subtly it lingers. I’m happy to say my initial thought that it reminded me of Hotel Iris mixed with Murakami was pretty spot on! But as I continued on through junior high and high school, on the contrary, I became less grown-up For Sensei, sensibility and responsibility are signs for maturity but for Tsukiko experience and time is what defines it.

I didn’t really like reading from Tsukiko’s perspective: This sounds like a good and thought provoking read. Have been enjoying reading your Japanese posts.

Gradually, the two begin to trust each other, though they remain independent, with neither willing griefcase give up personal autonomy. To ask other readers questions about The Briefcaseplease sign up.

There oawakami something very distinctive about Japanese writing in general, anyhow. Read full review here with some more of my favorite excerpt http: The last line – my favourite quote – is heartbreaking in context. Prica o mladoj i usamljenoj devojci i njenom starom i jos usamljenijem profesoru iz skole. There’s not a lot of explanation to why they are the people they are.

This be a great on to choose I think it is overtly Japanese but is if that makes sense all the best stu. It is enchanting and uplifting and yet somehow quite poignant at the same time. There is also a magical allure to his unexpected appearances whenever Tsukiko calls out his name. As fascinating a person as the retired Japanese professor was, I just didn’t see his appeal.

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Tony’s Reading List: ‘The Briefcase’ by Hiromi Kawakami (Review)

Hope they do would imagine brefcase was translated into German before English all the best stu. I found it somewhat cinematic – chapters as scenes – in Santuro’s bar, at Sansei’s, on the island, mushroom hunting, etc.

The Briefcase would be a different story, indeed, if we were dealing with the pure fresh face of spring and the gentle age and wisdom of autumn. Tsukiko and Sensei are both very withdrawn and reserved characters and their relationship is awkward but also incredibly touching and heart-warming.

I was reminded of a UK TV series called may to December that was shown in the uk when I was growing up it involved a couple of similar age gap to the couple in the briefcase and actually similar characters to this book.

Kawakami, however, while not shying away from the darker aspects of loneliness and what it inflicts on a person, refrains from making her characters marginal. Quotes from Strange Weather i It felt as if I had ordered a bunch of clothes that I had every reason to think would fit perfectly, but when I went to try them on, some were too short, while with others the hem dragged on the floor.