Here are some variants to Greyskull LP. As stated in the book, these are templates and are not “one-size fits all” plans. Add what you want. The Greyskull LP is the strength training program to which my name, and the Greyskull brand is most strongly associated. Since the release of. The Greyskull LP: Second Edition [John Sheaffer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The most user-friendly system for anyone interested in.

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Flat bench hurts yreyskull shoulder, well by all means, get you some plate mates for micro loading and get after it with the dumbbells. An Example deadlift workout with working weight of is x5 we always start deadlift warm-ups with due to bar height, if you have bumpers start with 65lbs x5 x5 x3 x9- here the lifter does one set to complete failure. Intro- The 3rd edition of the book can be found here please take the time to read and digest the book as it is full of wisdom for novice and intermediate lifters alike.

Just blast away and get strong as shite greyskul, those rep ranges.

This allows us to recover at a much faster rate. There is no maintaining or standing still in this Game.

I liked using his variations. Instead of performing the traditional 2 feeder sets at working weight, they simply warm up and hit the for as many reps as they can possibly lo.

Progress is everything and the only thing that fricking matters. You can pick up a Kindle version off of Amazon and start reading right now. After reading that book, all you need is this base program. Banded and Kipping pull-ups are a no go.


The Greyskull Methods- A Primer |

These sessions ideally would be added after your lifting sessions. John set out to create a program that would rectify these issues.

It is the practice of performing bodyweight exercises daily in an incrementally increasing fashion, the result being an increasing volume of sub maximal work performed over the course of the week and month. If you think I am wrong and that Johnny Joe Blow would lose tons of strength, then go listen to Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell talk about squatting.

If you feel yourself getting beat up, kp mind is not into it, well cut the blast and perform a cruise, come back refreshed and then get after it again.

See page 65 in the book. John does offer one solution to rectify this particular issue with the program.

Phraks Modified version is another great template. Use Pushups and Chins to increase volume to cause Hypertrophy. And because of the density of his training causing crazy amounts of hypertrophy along the way. So how much conditioning should you do? What the hell is the point of lifting the weights so hard if you are just going to turn around and make terrible food choices and grow your man boobs as faster than your biceps?

GreySkull LP Isn’t Good, It’s Great

The Greyskull LP principles can be applied easily in designing a training program for any part of the population. Like all good students, I sought to evolve what I had learned and contribute to the field. The time blasting can be adjust and auto regulated. Boredom- if you are bored with a lift and are not making progress, feel free to sub it out.


You will almost never have an upperbody workout that is so hard it messes up your squats. Outside of the til failure greysukll set, Greyskull also scales back the squatting to twice per week and the dead lifts to once per week.

Greyskull LP – Forums

Johnny has a choice, perform another traditional reset or he can remove bench from the program for now and lpp it with one of its variants. Part 3-Exercise order- See page 32 in the book for more info Because most people prefer to have a well-developed upper body, we focus our intensity on the upper body lifts first in a workout.

You can intelligently add a variety of different activities, including intense conditioning, body weight exercises using the frequency or ladder methods, fasted cardio, you name it.

Our third set we will take to failure. For one, the upperbody is trained first each day. Decide for yourself, but I cannot recommend this program enough to those that are not extremely extremely advanced and even then the principles hold true.

When i wasi was afraid to gain weight.