This webpage hosts a package holding a book titled “Autoconf, Automake and Libtool” aka The Autobook: a tutorial for the GNU Autotools by Gary V. Vaughan, . Classic noarch. , The Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool book. FreeBSD FreeBSD Ports Latest amd autobooktxz, GNU . The Goat Book or Autobook, officially titled “GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool”, is a printed and online introduction into all three tools, from , written by.

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General questionsUp: Getting startedPrevious: Where can I get more information about these tools? Where can I get the latest versions of these tools?

The unofficial Autobook webpage

How do I add a question to this FAQ? How do I report a bug?

What are the differences to other build systems? Why is everything so complicated?


Libtool-related questionsPrevious: Where is the official documentation? How do I install the Autotools as user?

21.1 What does M4 do?

Which files are hand-written and which generated and how? How do I add a Makefile. How do I gnk configure test results to a Makefile? How do I override Makefile macros set by automake?

How can I install software below my autobpok directory? How do I add compiler or linker flags to the build system? How do I use brackets in configure.

Tips and TricksPrevious: Getting startedUp: Why does libtool relink files during make install? Libtool-related questionsUp: How can I speed up make? Does Automake support auobook Makefiles?

M4(ZZ GNU autobook) – 胡是 – 博客园

How can I speed up configure? How to enable support for modern bison not yacc? How do I enable cross compilation reliably?

How do I use different C compilers in a Makefile.