Heyer wrote The Masqueraders, a cross-dressing gender romance with plenty of sword duels, while living in Africa with her then-engineer. Georgette Heyer wrote a very large number of novels. To those who haven’t read them, and simply judge them by their covers, from all their. Inquiring readers: I have no doubt you shall enjoy this review of Georgette Heyer’s The Masqueraders by my good friend, Lady Anne, an expert.

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In the process they make a very serious enemy the horrid man and find a friend in the gentleman rushing to save the young woman. Since Prudence is tall, she takes on the identity masqueradwrs Mr. This sounds like a fun read—definitely a lot of possibilities for humor in there! Prudence knew it would not he long before this tall, sleepy-eyed gentleman fathomed her desperate secret.

The Masqueraders : Heyer, Georgette : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Once upon a time, there was a brother and a sister. I became particularly fond of Sir Anthony Fanshawe. Click here to enter the page. I enjoy the possible misunderstandings caused by the change of which person is acting as which sex.

The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer

A fantastically self-assured conman, whose apperance has me laughing out loud. Her writing career began inwhen she turned a story for her younger brother into the novel The Black Moth. Robin and Prudence, long used to their scheming father’s delusions of grandeur, are sceptical of his claims, which they have never heard before.


Quotes geofgette The Masqueraders. In boy’s clothes I’ve kept a gaming-house with my father; I’ve escaped out of windows and up chimneys; I’ve travelled in the tail of an army not English; I’ve played a dozen parts, and–well, it has been necessary for me often to carry a pistol in my pocket. All masqueraderd this is delivered in Heyer’s delightful prose. To escape detection, the Viscount sends his offspring on the road to London, each masquerading as the opposite sex.

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Published March 25th by Harlequin first published For other uses, see Masquerade. Trade paperback pages. Wodehouse, Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Peters. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? There was just too much Overriding Man going on; her thoughts and wishes were entirely ignored, which frustrated me. Masquerqders would never look this dreary, surely?

It’s both a lovely romance and adventure. At first, the protagonists rejoice in their masquerade. Like Liked by 2 people.

The Masqueraders

And I shall say no more about the plot so you can enjoy the surprises that come thick and fast through most of the tale. Is he or is he not the heir to Barham? I loved so many of the scenes in this book, but particularly the interactions between Prue and Robin. Smart, sassy, fabulous, well tressed and well dressed, she has read every GH book backwards and forwards.


There were many things that made this book such a success for me. Ending up on the wrong side of the Jacobite Rebellion, brother and sister flee to London, Prudence pretending to be a dashing young buck, and Robin a lovely young lady. The tone and style are so different from the other Heyers I also love.

She has a gift for dialogue that cries out to be performed on stage. The plot itself is complicated and slightly ridiculous, and it’s meant to be lots of fun. I do receive books and DVDs for review.

Their infamous adventurer father has taught Prudence and her brother Robin to be masters of disguise.

Robin falls for the typical damsel in distress while Prudence finds herself smitten with the incomparable Sir Anthony Fanshawe, affectionately known as “the large gentleman” or “the mountain”. I have noticed that when reading books trying to emulate the speech patterns of earlier times, it often gorgette me a while to get into the rhythm of the speech and mindset.