View the summary of this work. Bookmark: Author: Nachmanovitch, Stephen; Subjects: Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.). Stephen Nachmanovitch’s book, Free Play: The Power of Nachmanovitch is an improvisational violinist and violist, computer artist and. Free Play Productions: Stephen Nachmanovitch author of Free Play, Improvising is Life, Violinist, Composer, International Bateson Institute, Visual Music.

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Free Play is wonderful to re-read, or to just revisit some of my underlinings.

Aug 06, Louie J. I only got half-way through this before returning it to the library. And dee, the third improvisations that they did was kind of off, they were not really listening to each other, and you could see the guilt on their faces, like they had made a mistake. The person who cut the tree had his or her own life history, which is part of this table, and somebody planed the wood into boards and made the table.

To all artist, and anyone who loves to play! Because, imagine that what happens is extraordinarily rich. One of my favorite books. What is the source of a creative idea? Or the interesting shape of something. Notify me of new nadhmanovitch by email.

Free Play: The Power of Improvisation in Life and the Arts

Then, when I was 25, I lived in Switzerland for a year, in the french part of Switzerland. Jan 31, David Sasaki rated it really liked it. So you never say it is improvised? Overall I found the read to reflect my own experience. Sep 09, Maria rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Free Play is directed toward people in any field who want to contact, honor, and strengthen their own cr This book is about the inner sources of spontaneous creation.

The author is an expert in about 85 million different fields, and it helps him write a truly interdisciplinary book that will have some relevance to just about anyone. At one point he says that Beethoven’s Battle Symphony was his “worst piece. Jajaja‚Ķ But what will happen is that what you say then, gets coloured by the context and by the people who are there, and by the natural flow of speech.


We are willing to be infinitely patient and persevering. That is a way of working that I have in many contexts, wherever I am invited to teach. Whether you paint, write, or play, you’ll find endless insight and motivation well worthy of multiple reads. You regard things with some interest and you change them. Mar 06, Malcolm rated it really liked it. If, for some reason, you want to know my philosophy on creativity and the purpose of art, this is the book to start with. I need to read this again and again, with a highlighter in my pocket.

I wish I could remember more, but there was something about the description of the human need to create though improvisation play that resonated with me. They are filled with too much pseudo-spiritual riffs, or get off track with rants against mainstream society, neither of which did much for me. Why is it so important to recover our inner child, and the attitude of playing in our life situations?

And of course, education is not individualized, so you have a teacher with a group of kids, and all the kids have various interests.

Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art – Stephen Nachmanovitch – Google Books

We all adjust our body and respond to a pain or a tightness all the time. And when we do those improvised one-minute pieces in the workshop nobody in the room is considering if this is great as Beethoven or something like that. And you practice or prepare by improvising. It has also helped me design my garden, decorate my house, find my way through a variety of puzzling projects, as well as allowed me to give good advice to my friends who find themselves confused and stuck.

If I can tell them what they will get out of my talk, I might as well not give the talk, because it is already done. It also means love.

And very likely you will forget some of the things. I go back to it often when I need a reminder about the role of play and creativity in life. So many rich things in this book, and I know I’ll have to read it again some day.


That there are other ways to solve problems, other ways to approach the page, and that improvisation, the lightness of it, the in-the-momentness of its playfulness, IS the ‘air that falls through the net’ that Neruda describes.

And if you stumble a little bit that is okay. And this happens over and over again. They are in many countries.

Freeplay with Stephen Nachmanovitch | Revista Sonograma Magazine

Free Play is directed toward people in any field who want to contact, honor, and strengthen their own creative powers. Setphen learn, the easy or the hard, to cultivate receptivity and mutual, expressive emancipation. So that it is important to take nothing with you, because then you go into the next situation able to respond to what is really there.

That The right book at the right time nachmanofitch lives. Then I was like ‘oh, was that what you meant, couldn’t paly just have said so! Interestingly, though it is by a musician, it is very apt and helpful in any field of endeavor. Mar 25, Jon rated it it was amazing. And possibly we will produce a performance or a product at the end. So, they are there in that terrible place, but there is some moment when the sunlight shines on the corner of a barbed wire, or on the mud, or something like that.

And it is very important for musicians to know that they can move and that dancers can make noise. Nachmanvitch you have to be able to relax enough to find the direction that the kids can all connect to, which the teacher cannot possibly have planned.