My initial impression of floor plan manager was that standard FPM ABAP Web Dynpro’s provided by SAP such as ESS/MSS (fite_vc*) are really good and. What is FPM? Floorplan Manager (FPM) is a Web Dynpro ABAP application that provides a framework for developing new Web Dynpro ABAP application. Goals Developing and configuring Web Dynpro ABAP applications that are based on the Floor Plan Manager (FPM) framework Audience Developers of Web .

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We need to create an enhancement for this component configuration as well and use it in the apllication configuration enhancement. Hi Gayatri, Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. Right click on window name as shown below and select embed view. Permalink Oct 15, Click here to continue Note that many of the videos were recorded without audio; it is hoped that you read the popups that appear on the screen and follow their instructions.

March 16, at 5: Floorplan manager supports creating and configuring applications with following floorplans. This tutorial will show you how to create, modify and call dialog boxes.


Enter the required info and press enter. E-Learning Tutorials for Floorplan Manager. Adobe Video File eg. Open any of the PO by clicking on it.

It will popup a confirmation window before proceeding, press yes to create. Hi Scott, You don’t have to do anything with the. Permalink Nov 18, All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

Problems opening the tutorials? This application will have different application configurations associated with it.

Course: Floor Plan Manager (FPM) for Web Dynpro ABAP – Springest

This is not the case and once you get you head around them they essentially provide a wrapper of standard customizable functionality which you can wrap around your existing Web Dynpro for ABAP knowledge.

Hi all, Firstly, sincere apologies for not getting this sorted out sooner. Now in the second view add another text view. Permalink Mar 27, Hi Scott, You know you can right-click zbap the video as it runs, and pause it by clicking the ‘Play’ option, right?

Give any text for text view, say Welcome to world of FPM. Hello, Thank you for fixing the links.

Permalink Oct 12, You never know you may see some you have already created but wasn’t sure where they had gone! You will receive the success message. They are not working anymore for some time. Djnpro Mar 26, If you are not familiar with webdynpro go through the below links first to get a dynprl of ABAP webdynpro.


The application will get a Refresh-Button which triggers a re-read of the user list and the work process data from the backend. This Video shows how to integrate List Reporting when developing an application. Hi Celeste, The links are not opening for me.

FPM easy to follow step by step guide to creating your first Floor plan manager application

Okay, In that case please use available type. Do it for all the fields and click on SAVE.

Great effort Rahul, you have made it simple, thanks for sharing!!! Secondly, I have checked all the links and they appear to be working now. Also add a caption or some abp element to this second view so it is different to the first. That would be ideal.

August 15, at 9: What is Feeder Class? June 11, at 7: