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All of the above Paralysis of 3rd, 4th, 6th nerves with involvement of the ophthalmic division of the 5th nerve, localizes the lesion to: No fade on fmgd of four stimulation B.

Medical PG Test Series. Sai Pardhu Correct Answers: Removal or addition of an active molecule group on a drug. What is the approximate half-life of this drug assuming zero kinetics?

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Mosses sign — Pain in Calf on squeezing calf muscle 3. Blanching, Dusky cyanosis, Red engorgement.

A slow fmgd administered a drug metabolised in this way may warrant: Benign prostatic hypertrophy results in obstruction of the urinary tract. I really fmg two months because I finished MD in from Ukraine and thereafter, I joined clinical fellowship in Europe. If aspirin is administered together with warfarin, what is the most likely outcome with respect to protein binding? Affects Small and Medium Sized Arteries….


This is why I have included this page to help you review the new Census data.

Parenteral fkge absorption in a person with congestive cardiac failure might be expected to result in: Which type of name is best to use in clinical practice? It is advisable to go through each option one by one and keep excluding the ones that are not appropriate.

Whether an exam is for admissions or recruitments, MCQs form the common pattern for all of these.

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Biceps femoris The pectineus is supplied by the femoral nerve and the accessory Obturator nerve L3. Thorough assessment of clients The likely diagnosis is: Well they are definitely first seen in the endoderm. Which type of name is best to use in clinical practice? Effective time management is an indispensable strategy for every exam. Five days later the patient noticed that she could not extend her right hand above her head to brush her hair. Cmq full antagonist action B.


Therefore, first weightage must be given to that choice. Till segmental bronchi c. In the lungs bronchial arteries supply the bronchopulmonary tree: Southeast University, Nanjing, P.

Fentanyl induced chest wall rigidity D. Sai Pardhu Correct Answers: Dental PG Fmhe Series.

2007 MBBS Batch

What is the muscle relaxant of choice in this patient? There will be more bound form of the warfarin available, leading to a decreased bleeding tendency. Solely to minimise adverse drug reactions C.

What kind of action does pentazocine have at opioid receptors? Which of the following physiological states would be expected to result in higher plasma levels if the drug was hydrophilic? Physiology app by Dr.

Which of the following is the correct order of pathway for a sperm: Pediatric Developmental Milestones Nov The most efficient absorption of a drug takes place in the ileum if the drug is: Her blood pressure and heart rate were normal.