Question regarding a FLuke A meter display. «on: January 28, , 04 am». So I’ve gotten into restoring “vintage” DMMs from Ebay. I’ve gotten. Download FLUKE A IM.V4 SERVICE MANUAL service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Hi guys. I managed to buy a Fluke A for £1, knowing that it wasn’t working. The selection switches were broken bar one, and they were.

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California Pamotor Div.

The performance test may also help to localize the trouble to a particular section of the instru- ment.

The flukke should display the waveform shown in Figure Description of each part.

Circuit loading is minimized by a 2 Mfl input resistance shunted by less than pF. Use the following part numbers when ordering these special bags. Set the dc calibrator output to 0V dc and connect its output to the input of the resistive divider.

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Fluke A Angle Position Indicator w/On- Board Ref.,Progrmable FLV $ For Rent | Transcat

DC 88810a The display should indicate 0. ST 5 clocks the data into U The information given in the following para- graphs is provided to assist in isolating malfunctions in the A.


Repeat steps 14 and 15 of this procedure until further adjustment is not required. It is then passed on 8801a the absolute value amplifier.

Fluke 8810A Digital Multimeter

They include a range amplifier, an absolute value amplifier, a squaring amplifier, a square root amplifier, and an integrator amplifier. O, Box Brisbane.

Calibration adjustments for each of the available options are included in Section 6 of this manual. Depress both the VDC and the mV switches. Required Test Equipment If the voltage continues to rise, Q2 will also be connected in the series and the total standoff will then be 1 kV. Do not remove the top inner guard cover.

Fluke A Digital Multimeter Missing Rubber Foot Pad – Used – Mara Industrial

The reference designator for each adjust- ment is given in parenthesis. The A display should read Table The A uses a constant current source and comparison technique for converting unknown resistance values into equivalent voltages.

This notice explains how you can minimize the chances of destroying such devices by: Power cord is included. Adjust the Bias resistor, R30, for a display of Resistor Selection Procedure Measure the voltage drop across R29 The inverter should supply enough current to develop Offset Voltage Correction Resistors Fine Sep 7, 2, U10 enables the data on W to be serially loaded into the bottom of U4 during the first strobe cycle.


Freeport, New York Bussmann Mfg. For the Ohms Converter See Option Assembly Name Fluke Part No.

Fluke 8810A Digital Multimeter T34631

Then compare the display reading with the appropriate limits and annunciator indications listed in the table. Input Voltage Limits The theory of operation for fljke optional Ohms Converter and the AC Converters is given in the appropriate subsections of Section 6.

Adjust R35 for a 8810s trace of 0V dc. A comparison of the two voltage levels will indicate the value of the unknowm resistance relative to the value of the known resistance. Each range can be manually selected by depressing an appropriate front panel range switch. For example, a X series identifies the general accessories subsection, and a X series identifies the subsection for the Option where X is a sequential page or paragraph number.

California Industro T ransistor Corp.