He is remembered for his philosophy, which was influential in the development of 20th century existentialism. Alastair Hannay is Professor of Philosophy at the. 1 Homing in on Fear and Trembling. 6. Alastair Hannay. 2 Fear and Trembling’s “ Attunement” as midrash. Jacob Howland. 3 Johannes de silentio’s dilemma. The perfect books for the true book lover, Penguin’s Great Ideas series features twelve more groundbreaking works by some of history’s most prodigious.

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Fear and trembling /Søren Kierkegaard ; translated by Alastair Hannay. – National Library

When one has a dream he can tell it, it was real, and yet when she wished to speak of it and relieve her troubled mind, there was nothing to tell. Because I could not get everything to suit me, I abdicated with a consciousness of my own competence, somewhat the way decrepit clergymen resign with pension. Hence, it is upbuilding always to be in the wrong-because only the infinite builds up; the finite does not!

Versions two and four of Kierkegaard’s account state explicitly that, in contradistinction to the biblical model, the imagined Abraham returns home.

And no Grand Inquisitor has such dreadful torments in readiness as anxiety has, and no secret agent knows as cunningly as anxiety to attack his suspect in his weakest moment or to make alluring the trap in which he will be caught, and no discerning judge understands how to interrogate and examine the accused as does anxiety, which never lets the accused escape, neither through amusement, nor by noise, nor during work, neither by day nor by night. It was now, probably, that he became more fully cognizant of his plan, and of what was necessary to its development.


The Journals Writing Sampler.

In Lee Hollander wrote the following in his introduction to Fear and Trembling:. Two Upbuilding Discourses, The argument centered upon the text of Fear and Trembling, and whether or not a practitioner alastwir faith could be considered ethical.

A hundred pages later he ends on a similarly commercial note: For this reason the life of Efar is supreme tragedymisunderstood as he was by the people, the Pharisees, the disciples, in short, by everybody, and this in spite of the most exalted ideas which he wished to communicate.

But the more the object of observation belongs to the world of the spirit, the more important is the way he himself is constituted in his innermost nature, because everything spiritual is appropriated only in hnnay but what is appropriated in freedom is also brought forth.

Fear and Trembling is designed to face those who cannot but see Abrahamian faith as paradoxical with the realization that they are not believers, thus putting them in a better position to properly “take up the task” p. Fear and Trembling begins with a Preface by Johannes de silentio. Thus, still from within a religious framework, the past can be transformed from being a “source of guilt and resentment” into gear “opportunity to develop wisdom and compassion” p. He accomplished that by actually lifting the knife with the intention of carrying out his mission.

Several authorities consider the alasatir autobiographical.

In his necessary reliance on the mediation of concepts to tell the story, the exegete cannot aspire to the uniqueness of Hanna condition. Either believe or be offended. Account Options Sign in. Doubtless the most sublime tragedy consists in being misunderstood. And he cut the wood for the fire, and he bound Isaac, and he lighted the fire, and he drew the knife.

Croxall, Pantheon Books p.


Similarly in the state, which is the objectivity of the conception of reason, legal responsibility does not adapt itself to what any one person holds to be reasonable or unreasonable.

And God tested Aastair, and he said to him: The story of hanjay princess and of Agnes and the merman can be interpreted autobiographically. Hans; Spence, C. Abraham, and Abraham answered: He is in a poetic and refined way a supplementary clerk who neither writes the system nor gives promises of the system, who neither exhausts himself on the system nor binds himself to the system.

Critics have universally praised the book as one of the lynchpins of the existentialist movement.


Grief and joy can both keep an individual quiet in inward reflection, perhaps its a mixture of both that Abraham felt. Kierkegaard says, “If Agamemnon himself, not Calchasshould have drawn the knife to kill Iphigenia, he would only have demeaned himself if in the very last moment he had said a few words, for the meaning of his deed was, after all, obvious to everybody, haannay process of reverence, sympathy, emotion, and tears was completed, and then, too, his life had no relation to spirit-that is, he was not a teacher tremblint a witness of the spirit.

Clare Carlisle’s book is full of useful information and fruitful reflection, but it would be a shame to offer it to someone who has yet to read Alstair and Trembling.

Journals I A I shall never find any proof whatever; there will be no sign to convince me of it.