Ensoniq Mirage () – Digital Sampling Keyboard – classic unit 61 keys: tiny kb Ensoniq Mirage DSK-8 manual · service manual, demo, comments. A resource for Ensoniq Mirage samplers. Files for download. Editors, sounds and manuals. Ensoniq: ensoniq mirage dsk 1 dsk 8 service manual.

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Stereo Operation Many problems encountered with electronic instruments are in the connections. The MIDI standard allows for a wide range of communication between instruments not to mention miragd of all different makes and models. Page 16 You can speed up or slow down the playback of the sequence by changing the value of parameter 87 see Selecting and Changing a Parameter.

SAMPLING Sampling your own sounds with the Mirage is where the fun really begins, Just about any sound can be a source of inspiration for you, since just about any sound can be recorded and processed with the Mirage. Sign In Sign Up.

ENSONIQ Mirage DSK-1 Manual

Don’t be disappointed if your initial samples aren’t quite as good. Also, any sound you sample will be played back through the program presently selected. While in this digital form, the signal can be modified in many ways, mankal deteriorating the audio quality and without the mechanical limitations of tape recording.

Sliding the tab so that the window is open will protect the diskette against over-writing and erasure. Sounds with greater amplitude are louder.


Ensoniq Corporation – Mirage – Musician’s Manual

You need to be a member in order to leave a review. Tape recording uses audio tape to store the audio signal. Table Of Contents Mirage that will take you to an intermediate level jirage hat will take you to an intermediate level of sophistication.

The basic sampling process is not much more manula than making a good quality audio tape copy. The program not written by myself assumes the disk file you wish to write will be automatically be in drive A: However, the numbers 10 through 15 are represented by letters in the following manner: Already have an account?

Up to 16 different sampled sounds available at one time. Enoniq all of the crucial sound information is included as software, your Mirage will never be obsolete.

The parameters of the Mirage are divided into two main morage parameters and sampling parameters. All the sounds ever developed for the Mirage will play on the Ensoniq Mirage DMS-8, including the popular Ensoniq Sound Diskette Library, which covers the full range of musical instruments and other effects.

Page 7 Diskettes have a sliding write-protection tab so that you can protect your own sounds and programs against accidental erasure.

Ensoniq: ensoniq mirage dsk 1 dsk 8 service manual

The diskettes are enclosed in a protective plastic carrier with an automatic shutter to protect the diskette from physical damage.

When you want more than one wavesample to make up a wavetable, you will have to set the sampling parameters on your own, after setting this switch to ON. It manuaal important not to alter this carrier in any way. Go to synthesizers Ensoniq. Mic Level Audio signals with a strength between 50 and mV. It has gone on to become the most popular sampler ever made. Use to access the machine in a more logical way with graphics, via MIDI. A system of sound recording where an analog sound is converted into digital Digital Sampling information and stored in computer memory or on a disk.


Introduction It has gone on to become the most popular sampler ever made.

It’s important to understand that any MIDI instrument can communicate with any other. Following are two tables – the first for the Ensoniq ESQ-1, the DX – 7 and any other instruments which begin program numbers at 1, and the next showing the Once a sound is loaded into the Mirage memory, any or all of the programs can be modified. In the Mirage, sampled sounds are given pitch control via the keyboard permitting any recorded sound to be played back as music.

Page 43 The sum total of locations where information can be stored.