Getting ElsterFormular Running with Wine on linux. I’ve been doing my taxes here in Germany for the past few years with the help of wine. ElsterFormular x on Mac, Linux & Chrome OS. RSS Feed · Overview ElsterFormular x. Click the Download Free Trial button above and. on Mac, Linux & Chrome OS ElsterFormular is the official software provided by the German tax authorities for ElsterFormular x. Click the.

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Just follow the instructions. Added blocking bug s of Posted by jhs Filed in EnglishGnome Tags: Tested on Ubuntu Posted by jhs Filed in EnglishGnomeReise. Your message did not contain a Subject field.

Mit Installation via Wine: Erstmals Steuersoftware unter Linux möglich – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Thu, 24 Dec Any solution or easy idea?? Deadline is Monday, ! Message I was not able to automatically update the playonlinux installation of version Maybe, the problem could be fixed by letting PlayOnLinux pre-install the runtime. So as usual Elstfrformular need an excuse for not blogging for so long.


Replies weeman Monday 18 May at Elster-Formular unter Linux 5. Eventuell ist danach in Neustart dex X-Window-Systems notwendig. Hey guys, I think I got the solution: Some personal hint in the end: Message 10 elserformular at bugs. Send a report that this bug log contains spam. It’s complaining it doesn’t find a PDF viewer. Is there any idea how pdf print will work? Message 71 received at bugs.

Chat Empathy is the obvious choice here. The Elster installation still throws an error saying it could not install vrun but the programm does work. Message 15 received at bugs.

Mit Installation via Wine: Erstmals Steuersoftware unter Linux möglich

Linux Mint 18 Sarah Xfce wine Message I don’t get it installed. Since this now requires vcrun I simply put in the script taken from here: You know a solution? Message Unfortunatly it does not work for elsterformullar, too. Printing the transfer protocol does elsterfodmular work, the button “letter to tax auth.


Thank you Replies weeman Monday 18 May at Message 44 received at bugs. Tue, 01 Aug Updates to the new wine version 1.

Sat, 09 Apr Sun, 27 Dec You have taken responsibility. People failing with simplest real-life tasks: Please remember to include a Liunx field in your messages in future. Message 30 received at bugs. This setup step should feel more or less mandatory for the user — of course with the option to skip it.

After some searching I ended up buying a ThinkPad Edge from linux-laptop. You can save my latest suggestion in a “. Sat, 14 May I hope I can help with testing.

I try to enter this file ElsterFormularKomplett. They didn’t approve the new script, yet: Posted by jhs Filed in AnjutaEnglishGnome.