Shirley MacLaine’s book, The Camino, is about a famous pilgrimage that has been taken by people for centuries called the Santiago de Compostela Camino. Iconic film star, Shirley MacLaine (Steel Magnolias, Terms of As I sat in the Café Iruña on the Plaza del Castillo, the answer that was coming. Jan 19, This Pin was discovered by Teresa Areces. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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The statement that all actors and actresses “turn any camijo everything they touch into something about themselves” is so general and so untrue. I guess if you like Ancient Aliens you might enjoy this, but my god what a chore it was to get this book finished.

It actually portrays a negative picture towards it, and I suppose that is why there are so many responses to it on here. I believe I will learn more from other Camino pilgrimage books, but I don’t regret reading this one. Some people treated it as a tourist hike with friends.

Incredibly weird book written by a tiresome, self-centered author. Jun 03, Debbie Boucher rated it it was ok. They will find out damino themselves and make their own choices. It is like a barometer of our whole culture, a reflection of our individual psyche.

5 Camino books to read before your trip

When is the best time to walk? The Camino was the site shirldy many bloody battles and violence during the Middle Ages between Christians and Moors, the latter who were eventually pushed out of Spain. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Others were very serious about doing it alone, which is what one really ought to do. The begging for food and not ehirley to make friends bit while on the Camino. If I were to do it again, I’d do it without any wheels at shorley.


Subscribe to our Newsletter For travel inspiration, Camino tips and advice, events and special offers. Thank you for posting ivar. But if her book or her interview has helped someone to learn about the Camino then that’s a good thing. I think we know the answer. For Shirley, the journey of the Camino was a physical and emotional challenge.

I would hope, like Diefenbaker, that the newbies naclaine saw the interview, will find other sources of info and insights like this forum and forget that interview presto. What projects are you thinking of yourself that you want to be involved in? The riveting odyssey began with a pair of anonymous handwritten letters imploring Shirley to make a difficult pilgrimage along the Santiago de Compostela Camino in Spain.

I wish I was physically able to do a journey of this magnitude! This is one of the funnier caminl books about the pilgrims journey to Santiago de Compostela.

This book is about how materialism has caused a spiritual lethargy in us. Very little about the Camino experience. I’ve heard of the name but wouldn’t know her if I fell over her.

Shirley MacLaine talks to Oprah about her Camino | Camino de Santiago Forum

Those who read the book now, should not be dissuaded from walking the Camino because of her stories. I was caught up in the actual concept of this journey and the transformational possibilities.

Perhaps she decided making friends would negate her own experience macaine some way but, at her age, expressed it as best she could her reasons. First, Shirley MacLaine is no ordinary “movie star.

Shirley MacLaine talks to Oprah about her Camino

Sihrley, her telling of those visions of her past lives on the Camino and in Atlantis and Lemuria are what puts this book with her others solidly in the “New Age” section of the book store.


This wasn’t so much a book about walking the Camino as it was an opportunity for Shirley MacLaine to talk about herself and describe in lurid detail the dreams she had along the way.

I think what needs to be said, has been said on this topic. Sep 20, Shawn Rathbun rated it did not like it. This seems a strange list for anyone preparing to walk the Caminio. Published April 1st by Atria Books first published January 1st Immensely gifted with intelligence, curiosity, warmth, and a profound openness to maclaiine and places outside her own experience, Shirley MacLaine is truly an American treasure.

The people who walk the Camino are heroes to me and I was right there with her as she told her experiences she had during her walk. For Shirley, the Camino is an intense spiritual and physical challenge.

In testament to the endurance and vitality of her message, each of her eight legendary bestsellers — from Don’t Fall Off the Mountain to My Maclwine Stars — continues today to attract, dazzle, and transform countles It has been nearly three decades since Shirley MacLaine commenced her brave and public commitment to chronicling her personal quest for spiritual understanding.

I love them so much and they really fill my mind wondering void! The failure to make that important distinction opens her up to legitimate criticism. This book was all they had