The time: years after man’s first landing on the Moon. There are permanent populations established on the Moon, Venus, and Mars. Outer space inhabitants . Earthlight [Arthur C. Clarke, Brian Holsopple] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The time: years after man’s first landing on the Moon. Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. 6 1-hour cassettes. About the Author. Arthur C. Clarke was considered to be the greatest science fiction writer of all time.

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The book begins years in the future.


Pages to import images to Wikidata. Clarke British science fiction novels Novels set on the Moon. A war is coming, one that will decide who has control of the moon’s c,arke supply of heavy metals deep within its core. There is tension between Earth and the colonies over the allocation of resources and this leads to the possibility of war.

It starts off as an espionage story clarkr space. A bit of space espionage in an ACC novel?

A spy who is sending information to the planets of the Federation about the mineral resources of the Moon. Such beautiful prose, such lovely ideas!

Earthlight by Arthur C. Clarke

As per usual, Clarke has interesting ideas and a book as exciting as bending cardboard. Still enjoyable on the whole, and Clarke’s optimism for the human future shines.

Instead the deeply buried metals of the moon are supposed to be central to the plot. Clark wrote good and thoughtfully premised science fiction, but his characters are wooden and his situations are contrived.

Some subtle parallels are also drawn between events in the novel and revolutions of the earthljght, like America’s own. Despite being written inand despite the fact that not everything in this book is exactly as we know things to be now, this is still a really amazing hard science fiction book about the moon.


A Space Odyssey comics Tensions between Earth and the Federation have been mounting, the latter accusing the former of withholding crucial natural resources.

The narrative takes place on the Moon, in a not terribly lcarke future where humanity has spread The age clark this book, like do much vintage SF, is revealed by its somewhat naive attitude to technology the characters are using extrapolations of fifties tech, rather than the sort of stuff we actually are using in the future – an unavoidable issue which never the less gives the narrative a rather quaint feel and by the social attitudes on display.

Wink the Astrokitty xlarke by Matt Olson. This is explained later in the story as a weapons beam that included metal particulates moving at high velocity. Mass Market Paperbackpages. In the end, reason seems to win and the future is secured through cooperation and science.

Earthlight – Wikipedia

Those scientists are all male, the few women working with them are glorified clerks. Review Earthlight is my tenth Arthur C.

Clarke Earthlight is a cllarke fiction novel by British writer Arthur C. Email required Address never made public. Outer space inhabitants have formed a new political entity, the Federation, and between the Federation and Earth a growing rivalry has developed.

They are invisible and with no sound.

Two astronomers who have delivered a clagke Earth scientist to Pico with only a couple of hours to spare, witness the battle. Learn how your comment data is processed. As is usual with ACC, women characters are non-existent. But Arthur is a master at drawing the future, so it makes up for the lack of the promised mystery. With vaulting imagination Arthur C.


This is set to a background of both scientific discovery and rising political tension. With this hint, Sadler is able to confirm the spy’s identity as Robert Molton, the first one of the observatory staff to greet him on his way to the observatory.

Speculiction Review of “Earthlight” by Arthur C. Clarke

I know the first edition was inbut it’s still curious that they don’t have any role at all. Asimov with his Russian immigrant background expressed a utopian American patriotism that was inclusive towards latecomers from the Old World. But it seems Clarke couldn’t find a good way to continue down that thread so the main protagonist gives up his hunt for a spy and the latter half of this short novel turns out to be a war story. Mar 23, Regie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mark Yon June 17, 2 Comments.

Clarke, published in Since this book has been available in the UK as part of the omnibus edition The Space Trilogy though it isn’t actually a trilogy in the traditional, sequential sense.

Gale stated that the novel had “some of the most inspired descriptive writing in or out of science fiction Sadler, whose investigations have had no pay off except for the unmasking of an embezzling store manager, relinquishes his cover by going to debrief the two astronomers.