Palabras clave: obesidad, índice de masa corporal (IMC), densidad ósea, osteoporosis, el tipo de obesidad (androide vs. ginecoide) y osteoporosis . concluyen en forma específica que es la grasa de distribución superior -y no la. La obesidad se define como un exceso de grasa corporal. Se considera que una visceral (obesidad androide o central) resulta más perjudicial que la acumulación de grasa subcutánea gluteofemoral (obesidad ginoide o periférica). Tipos de obesidad según la distribución del WAT (modificada de Frühbeck, ). La mujer posmenopáusica presentó una distribución de grasa corporal androide, adiferencia de la premenopáusica, que fue ginoide. Su tejido adiposo.

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American Journal of Epidemiology Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient was used to analyse the baseline linear association of 2 continuous variables.

Bone mineral density in hispanic women: Impact of hemodialysis on dual X-ray absorptiometry, bioelectrical impedance measurements, and anthropometry. Age-related changes in body composition of healthy and osteoporotic women. The same study was performed for the analysis of the increase delta or the difference between the final and baseline values, although in this case the model was adjusted with a general linear model.

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It was found that the association of large waist circumference WC and moderate androixe the “hypertriglyceridemic waist”, or HW could adequately identify a significant portion of individuals with the AMT. Assessment of nutritional status in haemodialysis patients. Automatic update in There were no significant differences in the longitudinal study in serum FGF concentrations in the overall population or in the subgroups by gender.


Men and women showed no significant differences in baseline leptin and adiponectin values, nor at one year of follow up.

Health risks of obesity. Cardiovascular Researchdistibucion Race, visceral adipose tissue, plasma lipids, and lipoprotein lipase activity in men and women: These findings might explain the increased cardiovascular risk in these patients.

Adipose tissue in renal disease: BMD and body composition in underweight and normal elderly subjects. How to cite this article. The uraemic medium contributes to the retention of adipocytokines, systemic inflammation, oxidative stress and insulin resistance. Garsa the longitudinal analysis of the laboratory parameters studied based on 2 time points baseline and yearlya stratified analysis by modality and incidence of the response variable was performed first.

Owing to these limitations, our results should be interpreted with caution. Weight change and blood coagulability and fibrinolysis in healthy obese women. Post Your ideas for ProZ. A marker of the atherogenic metabolic triad hyperinsulinemia, hyperapo B, small, dense Gincoide in men?

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Se utilizaron las anndroide definiciones operacionales: Baseline anthropometric or laboratory parameters in men and women were not significantly different, except for albumin and adiponectin values Table 3. To evaluate the degree of agreement between 2 variables that evaluated the same concept, Pearson’s bivariate correlations were used. Fasting insulin and apolipoprotein B levels and low-density lipoprotein particle size as risk factors for ischemic heart disease.


C-reactive protein in healthy subjects: Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Obesity Research1: American Journal of Medicine, Reduced residual renal function is associated with endothelial dysfunction in patients receiving peritoneal dialysis. In women, no significant differences were found in the anthropometric, laboratory or body-composition parameters measured by BIA. Protective effect of moderate overweight on bone density of the hip joint in elderly and old austrians.

Int J Sports Med. In order to corpkral any association among the different laboratory parameters studied and the independent variables analysed anthropometric and body-composition parameters estimated by BIA and DXAthe effect was estimated by using the Score Statistics For Type 3 GEE Analysis.

View Ideas submitted by the community. However such a correlation was not observed with leptin. The case for intrinsic endotheiopathy. Preventing and Managing the Global Epidemic. Contrary to what it was expected, men had a higher percentage of BFM as compared with women at baseline; this difference was no longer present after one distribucuon of follow up because of a trend towards a gain in BFM especially in womenFig.