Fibre optique a compensation de dispersion chromatique G02B6/ Optical fibres characterised both by the number of different refractive index layers . FRB1 * Alcatel Sa Fibre optique a compensation de dispersion chromatique. JPB2 * 02 富士. EPA1 Alcatel Alsthom Compagnie Generale D’ electricite Fibre optique pour la compensation de la dispersion chromatique.

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Kind code of ref document: CY Free format text: Dispersion compensating optical fiber, and wavelength division multiplexing transmission line using a dispersion compensating optical fiber.

FR Ref legal event code: ES Free format opfique R Ref document number: DK Free format text: SE Free format text: GB Free format text: Ref legal event code: Assays and compositions for identifying agents that modulate the activity of deubiquitinating agents. DE Free format text: GB Ref legal event code: PLFP Year of fee payment: Negative-dispersion optical fiber and optical transmission line incorporating the same.


MC Free format text: NL Free format text: LU Free format text: Method and apparatus for the optimization of dispersion map using slope-compensating optical fibers.

FR Free format text: GR Free format text: Monomode optical fiber for optical fiber cable transmission networks with wavelength division multiplexing. DK Free format text: AT Free format text: IT Free format text: A2 Designated state s: IE Free format text: SE Free format text: Ref legal event code: A1 Designated state s: Fibre pour la compensation de dispersion chromatique d’une fibre nz-dsf a dispersion chromatique positive.

Dispersion and dispersion slope compensating fiber and optical transmission system utilizing same. Date of ref document: Date of ref document: B1 Designated state s: GB Free format text: LT Free format text: L’invention concerne un instrument de mesure de la dispersion chromatique dans des fibres optiques.

FR Ref legal event code: IT Free format text: Lightwave component analyzer for determination of chromatic dispersion in single mode optical fiber. FR Free crhomatique text: LI Free format text: LU Free format text: Compensating fiber for cumulated chromatic dispersion and chromatic dispersion slope.


Fibre optique de compensation de dispersion pour smf et liaison de transmission comprenant cette fibre. FG4D Free format text: