: Desgracia / Disgrace (Contemporanea / Contemporary) (Spanish Edition) (): J. M. Coetzee, Miguel Martinez Lage: Books. Desgracia [J.M. Coetzee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Barcelona. 19 cm. p. Encuadernación en tapa blanda de editorial ilustrada. Find Desgracia/ Disgrace by Coetzee, J M at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers.

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But self-delusion is my own stock-in-trade. Una Partida de Ajedrez Spanish Edition. L’uomo e la Storia: But self-delusion is cietzee own stock-in-trade. I’ve read very few books that won the Man Booker prize that I’ve enjoyed.

Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee

Rather for him it is the process of aging, losing that magnetism that attracts others, even perhaps not leaving behind a legacy for which he can be proud. My veganism was very adolescent, but I don’t mean that in a derogatory way.

He is short-sighted and self-centered and amazingly insensitive.

Wi When I closed on the last page of this book, I just sat in stunned silence and stared into space. Instead, she loses herself, laying down in submission, much like a dog undergoing euthanasia.

Desgracia/ Disgrace

I didn’t see the difference, and their distinctions offended me. Situated in nobody’s land, where civilization and barbary mingle – a region well known by Brazilian readers, Coetzee slowly denudes realities and ultimately tells us that there are no just rewards, there are not even fairness. Me senti muy identificado con el protagonista, una verdadera tragedia. Durante todo el libro se narra todo lo que le sucede a David, este profesor devenido en ayudante de una veterinaria que sacrifica perros, pero que en realidad nunca sabe que hacer con su vida.

A disgraced person becomes the focus of total and enduring moral derision, the effect of which is social isolation and deep, personal shame. Later, Lurie’s daughter is raped by intruders, and violently. It’s about post apartheid South Africa, Coetzee’s home country.


Want to Read saving…. Put simply, you’re just not the same person the second time as you were the first time you read a book; disappointingly, this usually makes me like the book less, now that I’m older and cynical and a more ruthless judge.

All of his characters speak like a phlebotomy textbook, and they are all just an obvious soundboard for the author’s opinio ummm That does include Melanie, his student who brought up charges against him.

Porque si no la ai, que perdida de mi tiempo. Plus I’m a real city mouse, used to having this kind of thing swept up by some kind of taxpayer-funded agency Sounds like a judgment to me.


Libido is described in terms of complex proteins swirling in the blood, distending the sexual organs, making the palms sweat and voice thicken and the soul hurl its longings to the skies. So much so that this is easily the first book I have read with a compulsive eagerness. Lists with This Book.

Please try again later. In ongenade komt aan als een mokerslag, maar resulteert in een catharsis die je niet licht vergeet. Communication isn’t moral or immoral. But perhaps that is a good point to start from again. He treats all his persona with the same respect regardless of age, gender, or class, even the animals at the clinic where Lucy and later David work. View all 37 comments. I stopped thinking so much about animals because I grew disgusted with that, and turned my attention to the sufferings of and injustices to people.

Now make those plural. Coetzee 13 47 Aug 15, Literature–Man lives on lesbian sister’s farm in South Africa. Appears, as it is true by technicality that he is “overcome by a combination of social and psychological circumstances”.


So what is the disgrace that the title references? She is — all of these characters are — hard to wrap your head around, hard to understand their motivations.

So five stars, but would I recommend it? Are there moments when they too, or some of them, are plunged without warning into the ocean of memory?

She may be trying to live a good life and be a good person, but I cannot imagine that anything good dssgracia possibly come out of the stance she chooses to take. Reels me in until I find myself suffocating in a world I want no part of.

For, I must admit that I found myself hooked to the work. Others hold on to religion, they cling to the promise of immortality as a means to defeat cooetzee. The farm struggles on dog kennels, market produce and cut flowers, while Petrus, once a typical black farm worker and now with a grant of land bought off Lucytwo wives and a house in the works, helps out.

The power dynamic between them, the disparity of authority, is foregrounded. I’m not much of a cat person, but I like these guys. The words apply as much to himself as coetzre anyone. Es kann Wochen dauern, es kann Monate dauern, ehe er ausgeblutet ist, aber er blutet. View all 20 comments. Vergogna per il corpo che invecchia. The differences between male and female nature are contrasted here, both in their role as the cause of, and reaction to voetzee various disgraces depicted.