1 jul. PDF | On Jul 1, , Rogério de Aguiar and others published Considerações sobre as derivadas de Gâteaux e Fréchet. In particular, then, Fréchet differentiability is stronger than differentiability in the Gâteaux sense, meaning that every function which is Fréchet differentiable is. 3, , no. 19, – A Note on the Derivation of Fréchet and Gâteaux. Oswaldo González-Gaxiola. 1. Departamento de Matemáticas Aplicadas y Sistemas.

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Generally, it extends the idea of the derivative from real-valued functions of one real variable to functions on Banach spaces. The limit here is meant in the usual sense of a limit of a function defined on a metric space see Functions on metric spacesusing V and W as the two metric spaces, and the above expression as the function of argument h in V. Note that this is not the same as requiring that the map D f x: This notion of derivative is a generalization of the ordinary derivative of a function on the real numbers f: Differentiation is a linear operation in the following sense: The chain rule is also valid in this context: In particular, it is represented in coordinates by the Jacobian matrix.


Suppose that f is a map, f: The converse is not true: This means that there exists a function g: This is analogous to the fact that the existence of all directional derivatives at a point does not guarantee total differentiability or even continuity at that point.

The following example only works in infinite dimensions. This function may also have a derivative, the frecjet order derivative of fwhich, by the definition of derivative, will be a map. The n -th derivative will be a function.

Fréchet derivative – Wikipedia

Letting U be an open subset of X that contains the origin and given a function f: The chain rule also holds as does the Leibniz rule whenever Y is an algebra and a TVS in which multiplication is continuous. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

We avoid adopting this convention here to allow examination of the widest possible class of pathologies. Riesz extension Riesz representation Open mapping Parseval’s identity Schauder fixed-point.

Retrieved from ” https: Banach spaces Generalizations of the derivative. Wikipedia articles needing clarification from February Views Read Edit View history.


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