El Decreto de fecha 23 de abril de , publicado en Gaceta Oficial Nº el Impuesto sobre la Renta es a través de las retenciones en la fuente, es decir. Decreto Persona Natural Residente. Ejemplo: A una persona natural residente le pagan Bs. por concepto de Honorarios. RETENCIONES BASE LEGAL ley del impuesto sobre la renta Art. 87 sistema de retenciones. AGENTE DE RETENCION VENEZUELA Autores;.

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The sale journal modules allows you to categorise your sales and deliveries packing lists between different journals.

decreto 1808 islr pdf to excel

Organization and management of events. Manages a list of asterisk servers and IP phones.

Otherwise, it generates an error message: The Candidate is evaluated bases on different evaluations,which are related to categories.

It gives the Administrator user access to all accounting features such as journal items and the chart of accounts. Define steps for interviews and OpenERP will notify managers or subordinates automatically to prepare fecreto.

This module adds a new object and a field on the product view.

While taking an interview, the interviewers can evaluate the candidate’s performance on the basis of categories. This module consists in: This module adds a shortcut on one or several cases in the CRM. Next, the invoice based on this sale order inherits the payment information from it. If the location of a stock move is changed when it is the state Ready to Process,then the state of that move is changed to Waiting Availability.


From the conception of a project to the elaboration of your catalog, our training management allows you to create easily courses and to organize the sessions. Creates a new tree view exlcusivie for supplier invoices. New objetcs and views to improve use of OpenERP: It would basically simply merge the attributes given redefined in the original view XML and let inner decrteo unchanged.

Use the advanced analyticsfeatures to detect bottleneck in resources capacities and inventory locations. The Module allows fetenciones configure analytic account for product packages. You can assign an employee to a poste or a department for a defined period.

Asesoramiento Tributario Tema 3 Retenciones by Miguel .. on Prezi

This module decreti the possibility to assign multiple partners on the same analytic account. In that case, you can not use priorities any more on the different picking. It allows everybody to express ideas about different subjects. This is a complete document management system: It defines a new kind of service products vecreto offers you the possibility tochoose an event category associated with it. Wizards provided by this module: Quickly identify resource requirements and bottlenecks to ensure your productionmeets your delivery schedule dates.


Then you can send the anonymized database to the migrationteam. Subscribe Rules for read, write, create and delete on objects and check logs. The wizard to launch the report has several options to help you get the data you need.


Simply set-up andautomate follow-ups to get paid quickly. But the possibility to change these values isstill available. This module provides some features to improve the layout of the invoices. All address fields changed to res. Due date, bank account and a check field for example to write down if a bank check in paper support has been received.

Automate procurement propositions, launch request for quotations, track purchase orders, manage suppliers’ information, control products reception and check suppliers’ invoices. So, you can enter various different analytic operationsthat have no counterpart in retencilnes general financial accounts.

Benefit from the power of OpenERP, in your online store: Retendiones module is able to import order and export delivery notes.

This module can not work as a ZIP file, you must unzip it before using it, otherwise it may crash. This module doesn’t pretend be the total localization for Venezuela,but it will help you to start really quickly with OpenERP in this country. This decdeto allows you to manage your Purchase Tenders.

Add a talk proposal form on your events to allow visitors to submit talks and speakers. Yet to be implemented: