Hernando de Alvarado Tezozómoc (México-Tenochtitlan c y después de ). México. Era nieto por parte de madre y sobrino-nieto por parte de. Cronica Mexicana by Tezozomoc is a very important though neglected work. The Dastin version rated here is a true reprinting with the original archaic Spanish. Crónica Mexicana (Spanish Edition) [Hernando Alvarado Tezozomoc] on *FREE* Series: Biblioteca del Estudiante Universitario (Book 41).

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While there are merits to both arguments, I do not believe either can be accepted in toto.

Quoted speeches are particularly illustrative of textual variance and similarity. Since there are so many parallel quotations running through both mexicanaa, a detailed analysis of each would be beyond the scope of this discussion.

Hemos acordado de hacer suntuoso templo, dedicado a su nombre y al de todos nuestros dioses. Su casa y morada ha de ser alta y grande muy abundante y capaz para tezozzomoc lugar de los sacrificios, que adelante sabreis.

Cronica mexicana

Tezozomoc undoubtedly consulted another version written in Nahuatl, although it is certainly possible, as Lafaye suggests, that cronicz directly transcribed the testimony of an informant who related an oral version of that history. Yet, whether imparted orally or in written form, whether from the mouth or pen of the same individual, the historia mexicana and the major source of Tezozomoc, while not identical, most probably derived ultimately from the same oral historical tradition, a tradition that was noticeably partisan to Mexico Tenochtitlan and its Cihua- coatl, Tlacaelel.


His first reference to using the historia mexicana occurs during his narration of the war. Chapter v and vi of the Historia respectively treat the Tenochca’s search for the eagle and nopal cactus and the life and deeds of the Tenochca monarch, Acamapichtli. Fray Diego acknowledged that his material for his first four tezlzomoc derived not from one source but from a’ number of sources 11, 13, Certainly it is possible that one of these sources may have been the historia mexicana 9 ; it is, then, not inconceivable that he may have also employed the historia mexicana for his fifth and sixth chapters.

He employed this document for his narration of the pre-Cortesian past Chapters vii-lxx and up to and through the Spanish Conquest Chapters lxxi-lxxvii.

The ” Historia Mexicana ” and Durán’s Historia – Persée

However, I have doubts as to Duran’s heavy reliance on the historia mexicana for his final chapter lxxviii. Origines et croyances des indiens du Mexique. The author wishes to express his appreciation to Professor H. Nicholson of the University of California, Los Angeles, for his valuable comments on an earlier draft of this paper.

Fernando Alvarado Tezozómoc – Wikipedia

The Garibay edition of the Historia de las Indias was the principal source of this study. In this most recent of the published editions of Duran’s chronicle, the Historia forms the entirety of Volume II while the remaining two treatises, the Libro de los Ritos and Calendario Antiguo comprise the first volume.


Duran’s references to the historia mexicana are found in II, pp. I agree with Nicholson However, I question the validity of this proposal. I am following the two chroniclers’ spelling of place names in this textual comparison.

One such ” gap ” occurs during tezozomooc discussion of Acama- pichtli ; unlike the discussions pertaining to the succeeding Tenochca monarchs whose reigns are described at some length, reference is given only to the death of this ruler.

It is, then, possible that cronicca a comparison be made of Duran’s Historia and Tezozomoc’s holograph, notable similarities might be found with the discussion of the first Tenochca ruler rather than with his successor, Huitzilihuitl.

I have categorized Duran’s utilization of ” relaciones ” II,with his testimonies. Plan References cited [link].

II, [Motecuhzoma and Tlacaelel: II, [Lords of Chalco: