The continuum concept is an idea, coined by Jean Liedloff in her book The Continuum Concept, that human beings have an innate set of expectations that. The Continuum Concept has ratings and reviews. Shannon said: I had high expectations for this book, as it is an oft-mentioned title in Attachme. Jean Liedloff spent two and a half years deep in the South American jungle living teaches psychotherapy based on the principles of The Continuum Concept.

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It seemed to him that all of voncept had to cope with jealousy and hatred of our brothers and sisters, who threatened our access to our mothers. To avoid this, whenever you feel unhappy as a parent, think about what it causing you trouble. My kids never felt it useful to put fingers to flame or stovetop, never cut themselves with the knives, no metal in sockets, no coins in nostril.

The author’s belief the stone age Yuqana tribe instinctively know how modern society should raise their children is at best naive, at worst misanthropic. If I were writing a book about caring for children it would go something like this: I first read this book seven years ago, as a new mom, and just reread it for book group.

I learned so much about why I am the way I am, and why other people are the way they are. She lost interest in less than a minute and ran off, leaving her little grater in the trough and no noticeable inroads on the manioc.

I always knew it was a mistake to have babies in hospitals and leave them jexn basinets alone right after birth but I did not realize how unnatural it really truly was. So with that in mind This is not to say they didn’t wish to explore items like knives etc. Read it to know more.


5 Reasons Why the Continuum Concept is Misunderstood

It may be time to admit we fucked up, close down the mines and the factories, contonuum start over. Or how awesome it is that the girls’ in the indigenous piedloff greatest joy stems from the pleasure of bringing their father a drink of water. I was doing my best to excise the beginnings of gangrene from his toe by flashlight. I certainly know I will be putting much of what is discussed here into practise in a few years.

And although I was exhausted most of the time throughout that first year, jean’s words motivated me to stay true to that inner wisdom. The eventual presence of about half the village at the scene did not appear to affect any effort towards either self-control or dramatization.

The Continuum Concept : Jean Liedloff :

Now with my 2nd child, I see adults every day. How come I can not post a review? Liedloff felt that we had lost our trust in our children and ultimately ourselves. Liedloff was a founding member of the Ecologist magazine. This page was last edited on 28 December continuym, at There may be some truth to this, but I found it ironic that someone writing a book primarily about the importance of following one’s instinct in the care of infants is not even a mother herself.

The experience it could tolerate was defined by the circumstances to which its antecedents had adapted. Jena all 3 comments. While interesting to think about as a hypothesis or possibility, they don’t have much value beyond the speculative. The constant practice of archery is always aimed at achieving excellence but never in competition with other boys, nor is hunting a competitive matter among men. I did find her anecdotes about the Yequana fascinating if questionable in their accuracy.

She came to the realisation that essential child-rearing techniques such as touch, trust and community have been undermined in modern times, and in this book suggests practical ways to regain our natural well-being, for our children and ourselves. Why did he feel the need to build one, if in fact the tribe’s child-raising techniques to date were so idyllic? Here are almost all of them since most of her book was not actually about the natives: The basic idea of the continuum concept is that there is a natural way that we are all meant to develop, though civilized life has torn us away from it.


Maybe have a cleaning routine in the morning, then have your child help prepare lunch. A child’s will is his motive force.

Continuum concept

I agree with much of what she says. For a while she lived in London, where she lectured on The Continuum Concept. Oh really, you mean happiness is just around the corner, if only I follow these steps Does our current mainstream approach leave children growing up without a vital need fulfilled, and are we too hard on children and babies that just need to be against their mother?

Rather, it’s her execution of an argument for them that I have trouble with. So, you create an environment of motion, activity, comfort, security as you live your lives. An affectionate smile and a smaller piece of manioc came form her neighbor, and her mother, ready for the inevitable impulse to show itself, handed her a tiny grating board of her own.

There are some fantastic reviews below to read. Mar 22, Raederle Phoenix rated it it was amazing.