However, their introductory materials, if you sign up with them, will guide through more in-depth lessons. They recommend not going farther in. The BOTA curriculum then proceeds with an introduction to the Tarot, a course consisting of 11 lessons. Here the student is very gently brought. Builders Of The Adytum Lessons Pdf. Indeed, over a thirty-year period ( approximately ) Case wrote dozens of courses covering.

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TheNomad Number of posts: The lessons were lost in a fire, sometime after I left the order due to personal reasons. Here we find pages upon pages dedicated to complex and far-reaching gematria, inspired by quotes often taken completely out of context from old alchemical works. How to Apply for Membership Before making any decision about applying for membership, aadytum should thee consider the statements just made.

Enter the genius of the BOTA correspondence curriculum which begins firstly with a short course on fulfilling one’s desires. This was for me a critical juncture. Thanks for taking the time to write such a great reply!

They have understood the cyclic laws which govern human affairs. I feel that is important as it will better inform you as to if and how much credibility you should assign to my position. Notify me of new comments via email. I may have expanded the scope, but not the depth. Khephra on Mon Aug 10, 6: This tue a difficulty then.

BOTA: Taking lessons – Grail Quest

So if one wishes to participate in the group work and the FLO is the only practical option for this in most casesthen they must be prepared to buildere these color and sound correspondences without question.

I think depending on your goals, the BOTA work is excellent. I cite this one not because what he is saying here is not true, but adytumm complex manner in which he conveys a very simple idea is emblematic of his style: Sign In Sign Up. I say, “intermediate” but you should understand that one who dedicates them to this course will know far more about Tarot than the average occult student.


For me, this course forced me to begin asking adytm serious questions about the nature of this teaching as well as where it came from. It is certainly one that most in the BOTA would find difficult to accept, which is quite odd given that both Paul Case and Anne Davies had both received the spiritual transmission from an adept.

Paul Foster Case – BOTA – Introduction to Tarot – 1922

Adepts of the Ageless Wisdom have looked forward to this period of human history with eager, longing eyes. Almost buildegs the French builxers are members, all the presidents of former French colonies and all their ministers.

I wish I could download the entire curriculum as I am member of bota, just that the membershjip has lapsed, I am an advanced member too. And this can be learned from the Buildes. All I can see that is available is the first five courses.

More than forty years of writing and revision have gone into this work. Unlike all of the previous courses, one comes away from each lesson, feeling more and more baffled by what Paul Case had written. Sometimes prospective members are undecided about affiliating with an organization such as B.

Remaining BOTA courses

It was there that I learned the oral history of the BOTA fhe where I made the friendship of a number of advanced members some probably well known by their books and eventually invited to join the FLO, who carry on the original initiatory work of the BOTA which has been largely discontinued, except for New Zealand and perhaps a very small contingency in Los Angeles.

The adept seeks ripe students, but most are not yet ready to light their torches from his Your privacy is strictly preserved and your name will never be revealed without your permission. TheNomad on Thu Oct 30, 7: Like buildeers accredited institutions of higher learning, Builders of the Adytum does not use high-pressure inducements in presenting its teachings.


When the student believes they are working on one thing, they are really fulfilling a purpose that is only seen later, in hindsight. I include below a link to a book which is very nearly identical to this course so that everyone can read this for themselves if so inclined:. In preparation for this critical period, a course of instruction was composed embodying the very essence of the Esoteric Doctrines of the Western Mystery Schools.

I include below a link to a book which is very nearly identical to this course so that everyone can read this for themselves if so inclined: But not one I’m going to get into. Apply online Request the free booklet The Open Door and apply by postal mail May you walk through the Path of the Great Adventure in the sure knowledge that the Holy Guardian Angel lights the way before you.

Tarot Fundamentals builds upon this foundation and over the course of a year, develops an intermediate understanding of Tarot. sdytum

For something a bit more guided and experiential, the first five years of the BOTA courses are well regarded up to, but not including, tue “Great Work”. Why are there 12 stages? Subsequently several taped lectures were added to that collection.

So before I answer this, I should state a little something about my experience with the group. It would be awesome to find some new stuff. Sascrunch on Mon Aug 10, 7: It is a force of love, truth, and adythm. With the coming of the Aquarian Age, the builsers has seen an influx of older souls whose inner being has a desire for more than material acquisitions.

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