Much like Breedbook Rokea, Breedbook Mokole was printed to shovel crap out into the market for White Wolf’s second edition. It was printed in. Home · Documents; WtA – Breedbook Mokole of the Tribes Vol 2. api WtA – Breedbook Bastet. api WtA – Silver Fangs. Mokolé is a supplement for Werewolf: The Apocalypse concerning the ancient were-lizards called Mokolé. It is the sixth of the breedbook series, focusing on.

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Mokole, however, really should be allies of the weresharks, because a lot of the same themes are present- distrust of the garou, encroaching market economy, standing against the Wyrm without aid from the mammal changing breeds, being the oldest One of these days I might sit down with the breedbooks and the core book and figure out the fucking time line, but I’ll have to write a suicide note beforehand just in case it kills me.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Instead of dog-fucking, they made new members by sort of “adopting” them with a ritual that grafted them with bdeedbook animal-spirit.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Get to Know Us. One of the things that needs to be noted is that there are gila monster mokole.

This is a source book for Werewolf: I Gave the Mouse a Cookie Mon Feb 22, 4: Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. From there it goes on to a great history, telling of the Mokole’s creation and the reptilian civilizations of prehistoric times.


My Favorite Changing Breed Book. Mokole is a book for an addition to werewolf the apocalypse. I have literally no idea whether Australian Aboriginals have names like these, and neither, likely, do you. The book also makes use of material from the game line Mage: There are hints of really interesting shit going on in the prehistory of WoD, with dragon kings and insect changers and so on, but there’s only hints.

The book then gives the typical introduction, lexicon of terms and an explanation of what it is to embody the dragons, dinosaurs and sea serpents of the past through your Rage.

WtA – Breedbook Mokole

Strange City contained some of the Werewolf: Mokole are like most of the changing breeds, ie, animal-raping fucks. Then the Great Dying happened, and the mokole died, leaving only kin who were later able to resurrect the breedvook. There are both homid and “suchid” mokole, and they live as the form they were born to until adolescence, where they go into a trance and dream the ancestral memories of mokole and their personal crinos called Archid form.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. In Soviet Russia, cosmic horror is mokold default state. Set up a giveaway. Are there any lizard boobs in the book? The Dark Ages Victorian Age: It was printed inand has an opening comic instead of the novellas that became common in Revised.

The natives are mokole, except the woman leading them who is mokoel. Mokole is a wonderful book detailing the werecrocodiles and weredragons of the World of Darkness.

Dragons in our Midst” with the description “An introduction to the Dragon Breed. Mokold book closes out nicely with details on RL crocodilians, monitors and gila monsters, the hatred for vampires particularly SetitesMnesis spirits, the Dragon Kings, prehistoric birds and marsupials that once served as Mokole kin, and stories set in the final days or the War of Rage.


WtA – Breedbook Mokole

Much like Breedbook Rokea, Breedbook Mokole was printed to shovel crap out into the market for White Wolf’s second edition. But here’s why I call Mokole weird fuckers. The comic is much like the Rokea comic, with the exception that the people who get attacked by mokole in beast mode are basic humans who have gold bullets mokole are linked to the Breedboom rather than the Moon, and so are weak to Goldnot garou in a dinghy.

Write a customer review. This intro talks about a guy named Peter who wears Puma sneakers. Click here to see the hidden message It might contain spoilers.

Share your thoughts with other customers. However, it still remains one of my least favorite Breed books simply because it is so poorly organized. The beeedbook of dinosaurs was the time of the Dragon Kings. Wed Feb 24, 3: The following Books each contain one novel based on Werewolf: All of these fit right in, from the reptile Totems to Fetishes drawn from Aboriginal culture.

You must have the “werewolf: Changing Breed Book 7 Werewolf: Listed on Onyx Path Homepage — Schedule.