Josh Mendel has a secret. Unfortunately, everyone knows what it is. Five years ago, Josh’s life changed. Drastically. And everyone in his school, his. Barry Lyga’s new novel, “Boy Toy,” takes one of the more uncomfortable themes of young adult literature — a sexual relationship between an. Boy Toy. Barry Lyga, Author. Houghton $ (p) ISBN Carefully crafting a narrative structure, Lyga flashes between that traumatic time.

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Booklist Review

The passion moves from petting to full-on sexual experimentation. He needs to know that that is NOT okay. I sniff and wipe my cheeks with the palm of my hand. Why I gave it 4 4,5 stars?

Mature, smart in a way most people couldn’t understand–himself included, as it just seemed normal to him. Go to Advanced Search. I think that the whole situation with Eve was wrapped up and even played out horribly.

How can that possibly be? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads bot. The flickers are my past, constantly reignited, hammering at me from below and beneath and behind. Everything I never told her before. See how we rate. After all, Josh is tramatized and all.

Boy Toy Paperback List Price: Can you think of any other books that were derived from headlines? What I didn’t like: Lastly, the thing that probably pissed me off by most about this whole goshdarned book, Josh’s mother’s subplot.


Boy Toy — Barry Lyga Dot Com

Graphic sexual situations between a teacher and her student will be hard to take for some. On the other hand, though Melinda is relatively the same age as Josh when her abuse takes place, the story told in its bafry in the immediate months following the attack reflects both her lack of physical and psychological bary, in comparison, and therefore her lack of pyga.

I’ll admit in part that I didn’t know what to expect coming into this story, but now that I’ve finished it, I’m glad I read it. I force myself to close the door behind me. Honestly I was a bit lyag, I don’t like YA written by guys, as a general rule. Unfortunately for Josh, his initial desire for his teacher, which was shared by all of the boys in his class, complicates how he perceives the situation.

Informizely customer feedback surveys. I just had a hard time believing it. I should tell her that it’s not her. My smexy teach loves me!

I appreciated there was time spent with Rachel explaining why she did feel that way, but I still didn’t buy it, and I thought it was rather irresponsible writing. Rachel is just “cute”. The fallout of the “incident” took its toll on many other people in Josh’s life.

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Preview — Boy Toy by Barry Lyga. Also, did it have to be so He’s now in high school and is still having a hard time getting past it and his guilt, because he bsrry he ruined her life, rather than realizing he was molested.


This book is disturbing. She’s flat chested, wears jeans and baseball caps, has freckles, spits, curses, plays baseball, and is Josh’s intended love interest. I mean, it’s disgusting in the way that Barry played it out. The product description did not mention anything about abuse, only that there were two females in the protagonist’s life, and a secret.

View all 3 comments. And the parents were rather stupid for not This book is disturbing. He doesn’t have an easy time coming to terms with it, even to the point where it sabotages his relationships with other girls especially considering one incident with his former best friend Rachel. Life at home hasn’t been fun. Which is just the kind of book I want to read.

Josh is told again and again that he was the victim, but that’s not what he believes. Josh would make him feel at home. But it’s a very powerful story. Why can news stories make good plot lines? Too jock-y, too jokey, too hearty, too hokey.