Bérénice: Bérénice, tragic drama in five acts by Jean Racine, performed in and published in It is loosely based upon events following the death of. Racine: Berenice, a new complete downloadable English translation. Described as a ‘ravishing elegy’, Berenice is today regarded as one of Racine only makes very occasional appearances on the British stage.

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Half of the Eastern world will now be hers. See her but once again for me, Antiochus.

Berenice, a tragedy;

Titus cannot sacrifice his mission as the head of Rome for his passion for Berenice. For other uses, see Berenice disambiguation.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Yes, that is why I go. Don’t you pity him? The Queen is brrenice to marry you. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. Ah, my Lord, Her emglish glory makes the Queen forget you, And enmity succeeds friendship betrayed? She granted your desire with a look, And doubtless waits a favourable moment To escape the crowds of courtiers that surround her.

Now he is silent, troubled, ever weeping, His only speeches seem like sad farewells ; So you can judge of my anxiety.

Full text of “Berenice, a tragedy;”

I will not answer that my hand, before you Bernice not a bloody end to this our parting. The sand, which could have become a distraction, could not stop the englisn becoming completely engrossed by the story. At such a time, too ; at the fatal moment When I was telling of my rival’s sorrow, Arsaces. Yes, when Racne leave this palace, I shall leave Rome, Arsaces, and for ever. Oh, lovely Queen, and why should you be vexed? The news that she has gone is spread abroad ; Rome, which was murmuring, is triumphing, The altars are all smoking in your honour, And in the streets the crowd, singingyour virtues, Crown all your statues with eternal laurel.


The tension reaches its climax at the end of the fourth act, when Titus explains his dilemma, and Berenice refuses his decision.

Alan Hollinghurst: translating Racine

Then reign, harsh King, and be content with glory. The English translator, raised on the richly metaphorical theatre of Shakespeare and trained to avoid repetition as a stylistic fault, will find it hard not to introduce colour and variety into texts which purposely avoid them.

Oh, I cannot bear it! Could 1 have said a thing that has displeased him? The French language was one of the five major Romance languages to develop from Vulgar Latin as a result of the Roman occupation of western Europe.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. Had kept him from me, and his love seemed changed From those old days when he was always with me. When I accepted here the Emperor’s purple, Rome made me swear to maintain all her laws.

No, not a word.

Then all will speak for you ; her hate, her vengeance, Absence of Titus, presence of yourself. Why should Gerenice break that heart? Whatever happens I will speak to her. But this is not a question now of loving ; I have to reign. Unhappy fate, To be a lover and an Emperor! Yes, I have seen that Court, and close at hand. To say to you, that you. Retrieved from ” https: What use are these vain ornaments to me?

Now I have gathered all my constancy. And all dnglish long she will not look on Titus! What will the Court, what will the Empire say? You are the Emperor, Lord, and yet you weep. I cannot think it! I came behind in war, even as in love. Show me less love for very pity’s sake, And let me at the least set forth persuaded That I am leaving one who is not eacine To see me go.


You can do what you please — love — cease to love; The Court will think as you and take your part. I might please her. I know that Berenice Counts you her one true friend now here in Rome ; You, only, make one heart and rxcine with us.

And those important orders given — Have you fulfilled them? It seems more strange the more one thinks on it. I dare not speak to you about myself, But formerly I could bring peace to you.

Is there no other means but this to save it? Berenice, in a final speech of sublime pathos, takes control of the play in which she has raclne a confused victim, and directs them all in an act of collective renunciation.

Here is the Queen. While Berenice is a love story, it is not conventional in its telling of it. Give me the time to breathe! Racin will leave Rome to-morrow with the Queen, And I shall see her now and tell her this, I shall now speak to her for the last time.