Still from the film adaptation of Beau Geste, starring (from left) Ray Milland ( as John Geste), Gary Cooper (Beau Geste), and Robert Preston (Digby Geste). : Beau Geste (): Percival Christopher Wren: Books. Beau Geste (Wordsworth Collection) [P. C. Wren] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Three noble English brothers battle a sadistic sergeant.

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This is the kind of narrative that can only be forgiven in a pre-World War I world, in which violence is glorious, and everyone with, you know, a real job must make way for the Romantic escapades of a privileged few.

Nevertheless, it was but natural for me to get all excited when I found a novel by P.

P. C. Wren

The detonator of the main plot is when a precious jewel known as the “Blue Water” goes missing or is stolen. But the difference is that the first is flat and earnest, the second, teasing and amusing.

I soon learnt that one of St. I like the fact that they kept many of the terms in the native tongue. There are surprisingly few about.

Beau Geste

For at moon-rise, the chosen escouade will enter the fort and bring out the dead, ggeste the company will fire upon them.

His literary influences included Frederick MarryatR. The first few pages are frankly impenetrable. We will send a man in, and if it is a trap, we shall know–and without losing an officer unnecessarily.

We found the book baffling. Was it any wonder that gests jaw dropped and I forgot all else, as I stared and stared. The beginning is told throu I had wanted to read this novel for several year now and finally took the plunge. If not –then the remainder would be ordered to right-form and shoot them where they stood, for disobedience in the field, practically in the presence of the enemy.


He did not do it himself, that was certain–for every gestr corpse on that roof had been arranged before rigor mortis set in. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

Had they seen us outside the fort? I certainly had not been unduly harsh or oppressive during the time I had been with this particular lot; but, on the other hand, I certainly had no personal influence with them.

Beau Geste | novel by Wren |

A stirring historical mystery, a tale filled with adventure. He must, at the last, have run from point to point, firing a rifle from behind wern dead defender. Where did I leave off? And, each time he saw her, she was, to his prejudiced eye, more desirable, more beautiful, more wonderful. She would then, naturally, give him all the information she could, and every assistance in her power–if the sapphire had been stolen.

In this third volume Wren details what happened the night of the theft of the Blue Water.

He seems to be quite a reliable narrator, too. While his fictional accounts of life in the pre Foreign Legion are highly romanticised, his details of Legion uniforms, training, equipment and barrack room layout are generally accurate.

I was glad to feel certain that he at least was no Arab, but a tough old legionary, a typical vieille moustache, and rough soldier of aren. One of gesste own men –I am certain of it.


There, as in life, stood the garrison, their backs to me, their faces to the foe whom they had driven off, their feet in dried pools of their own blood–watching, watching. On the one hand, as Brian Stableford notes in the Afterword of my edition, not everything is about race and class here–there are good Europeans and bad ones, the unrefined Americans are noble in their honesty and simplicity, and the sedentary rather than raiding Arabs often are rather decent I will touch nothing, do nothing, until the Sergeant-Major returns and I have a witness.

Geoffrey Howard’s wonderful reading brings the story to life. Forgive me, old chap, and finish the story.

P. C. Wren – Wikipedia

John’s tale begins with a jesting, gese sort of style that occasionally wears a tad thin, but the farther we go, the better it gets. Probably the first person I shall see will be ‘Beau’ Geste himself, and probably I shall see the ‘Blue Water’ the same evening. The Geste brothers are orphans and have been brought up by their aunt Lady Patricia at Brandon Abbas.

But, laughter is the best way to move past stuff and banning things for being racist does zilch to improve the way people behave.