As long as a key is available, a substitution cipher is a safe, simple way to encrypt a message. The trouble with Thomas J. Beale’s ciphers, however, is that we. More than a century ago, a small pamphlet was published titled “The Beale Papers,” which contained three cipher texts. The mysterious codes supposedly gave. The world first learned of the Beale ciphers in with the limited publication of a pamphlet in Lynchburg, Virginia entitled The Beale Papers: Containing.

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Morriss engaged in the mercantile business, and shortly thereafter he became a purchaser and shipper of tobacco to an extent hitherto unknown in this section. A single extra word or space, Matyas argued, can corrupt a decipherment. The secret of Beale’s treasure”. Compare the Beale report to what happened when gold actually was discovered in California thirty years later in How likely is it that neither Beale nor any of his thirty companions would have wanted to spend and enjoy their fabulous wealth, but were instead content to leave it buried for the rest of all their lives?

The UnMuseum – The Beale Papers – Original Text

He abandoned town still owing the local motel money. The reasons are simple and easily told; it cipjers imperative upon us that some one here should be selected to carry out our wishes in case of accident to ourselves, and your reputation as a man of the sternest integrity, unblemished honor, and business capacity, influenced them to select you in place of others better known, but perhaps, not so reliable as yourself.

A article in Smithsonian described him as a “gentleman of independent means”. According to Frank Rowlett, an S. In the early ’80s, one treasure cipyers bankrupted himself after blasting rocks for six months.


The Beale Ciphers

Thomas Beale, Thomas J. It was soon discovered that the controversial path in the forest was, in fact, created by children who had been building a rope swing; meanwhile, the hairs in the woods belonged to a cow.

Altogether, he was a model of manly beauty, favored by the ladies and envied by men. The following paper is marked “3” in the series, and as we are informed, contains the names of Beale’s associates, who are joint owners of the fund deposited, together with the names of the nearest relatives of each party, with their several places of residence.

The Quest to Break America’s Most Mysterious Code—And Find $60 Million in Buried Treasure

Ancient Anomalous Human Skeletons: The friend, then using an edition of the United States Declaration of Independence as the key for a modified book ciphersuccessfully deciphered the second ciphertext which gave a description of the buried treasure.

Upon reaching the locality I found all as it had been represented, and the excitement intense. However, research and cipbers debunk Poe’s authorship. By pursuing this policy, your interests will not suffer, your family will be cared for, and your thoughts will not be absorbed to the exclusion of other important affairs. The rebuttal to the clunky cipher solution is impressive.

The beaale whom I have selected as my agent, to publish and circulate cipyers papers, was well-known to Mr. An early researcher, Carl Hammer of Sperry UNIVAC[7] used supercomputers of the late s to analyze the ciphers and found that while the ciphers were poorly encoded, the two undeciphered ones did not show the patterns one would expect of randomly chosen numbers and probably encoded an intelligible text.

Within days, all of the Trailor brothers would be arrested—charged with the disappearance and murder of Archibald Fisher. William Poundstonean American author and skeptic, had stylometric analysis performed on the pamphlet for his book Biggest Secretsand found that Poe’s prose is significantly different from the grammatical structure used by the author who wrote The Beale Papers.


The papers given above were all that were contained in the box, except two or three of an unimportant character, and having no connection whatever with the subject in hand. They were caught and forced to re-fill the pits. After resting at Buford’s, Beale and his men buried that gold, silver, and jewels deep in the Virginia woods, approximately four miles from the tavern. Inthe linguist Dr.

If you decode Beale’s first cipher with some versions of the Declaration of Independence, as James Ciiphers tried inyou’ll get gobbledygook—with the exception of this pseudo-alphabetical string in the middle of the code. For more than a century, hopeful treasure seekers have combed these green hills, searching in vain for a fantastic treasure said to have been buried here, as described in a mysterious coded document.

The box was of iron, carefully locked, and of such weight as to render it a safe depository for articles of value. Attempts to track down the mysterious Thomas J. Stephen Matyas researched this discrepancy and compiled one of the world’s most complete collections of Declaration of Independence copies.

We cipherd for the advent of weather which would enable ciohers to resume our wanderings and our exhilerating pursuits. When a cipher is too short, we might find multiple solutions. If the numbers above mean anything to you, congratulations: