Romanian Folk Dances (orchestra), Sz (Bartók, Béla) string ensemble. Related Works, Orchestration of the piano work Romanian Folk Dances, Sz Sheet Music – £ – 6 Rumanian Dances transcribed for Violin and Piano by Zoltan Szekely. Having played the original version for piano solo (which is now in the public domain), I have noted that this arrangement by Zoltan Szekely for violin and piano.

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Romanian Folk Dances Hungarian: Romanin later orchestrated it for small ensemble in as Sz. It is based on seven Romanian tunes from Transylvaniaoriginally played on fiddle or shepherd’s flute. This set of dances consists of six movements and, according to the composer, it should take four minutes and three seconds to perform, but most professional pianists take up to five minutes.


The list of the movements is as follows. The original Hungarian title will be in the first place, the most commonly known title in Romanian will be in the second place and barfok translation into English will be in parentheses:.

All of the movements are composed according to the rules of the musical modeswhich state that all melodies are to be written according to a specific order of tones and semitones.

The following list shows some of the most published of them:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Béla Bartók – 6 Romanian Folk Dances for violin & piano

Second, fifth, and sixth Romanian Folk Dances. Performed by the Advent Chamber Orchestra.

Retrieved 2 August Retrieved July 27, Retrieved August 4, Naxos Digital Services Ltd. Retrieved August 13, Hungarian folksongs for voice and piano.

Lists Compositions Solo piano String quartets. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history.

Bartok’s Romanian Folk Dances

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Dorian and Aeolian on key centre A. Aeolian and Arabic influence augmented seconds on key centre B or Gypsy scale without leading-tone. Mixolydian and Arabic influence on key centre A.