BackupPC acts as a server and is installed on a Linux system, and from there . Documentation contains the whole BackupPC documentation. Adding a CGI Administrator to BackupPC; Modifying the etc. can be found in the BackupPC Documentation: Step 9 CGI Interface. As BackupPC operates on services running on a remote host, I will call Please read BackupPC documentation: step 5 of client setup for a full.

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If so, the file is removed and replaced by a hard link to the existing file. UTF8 is the default setting, so if the parameter is missing then it is ok.

If the pool disk requirements grow you might need to copy the entire data directory to a new bigger file system. A full backup has level 0. Filling is no longer useful, since file mangling and compression doesn’t make a filled backup very useful.

BackupPC Documentation

This directory should be below Apache’s DocumentRoot. See the zlib documentation for more information about compression levels. Your actual mileage will depend upon documentaiton types of clients, operating systems and applications you have.

Significant portions of BackupPC are implemented in C code contained in this module. Note that the restore numbers are not related to the backup number.



Here’s a simple documetnation of a hosts file: For some sites this might be the complete backup solution. Log files and other text are still in English.

This step could be time consuming, since every file needs to be read as a V3 file and written as a V4 file. Like PingPath, but for IPv6. Download Tar archive This docmentation identical to the previous option, except a tar file is downloaded rather than a zip file and there is currently no bxckuppc option.

See the documentation for more information. This is a rough minimum space estimate that should allow a couple of full backups and at least half a dozen incremental backups per machine.

Each file is examined by generating block checksums default 2K blocks on the receiving side that’s the BackupPC sidesending those checksums to the client, where the remote rsync matches those checksums with the corresponding file. To build and install these packages you should use the cpan program.

This catches cases where Documentatiom might be accidently started as root or the wrong user, or if the CGI script is not installed correctly. Whether passive mode is used. BackupPC supports several different methods for restoring files. First off, there are five perl modules you should install.


The attribute file format is new in V4.

Administrator Guide: BMS 2.0

If you don’t have Apache, see http: You should be able to run simultaneous backups on a moderately configured server. Because of pooling you can relatively economically keep several weeks of old backups. All you need to do is create a new domain user, specifically for backup. It then runs and manages all the backup activity. Use “locale charmap” on the client to see its charset. You will see a list of previous archives and a summary on each.

Use “tar –version” to check your version. Filename charset encoding on the client. For users that require offsite backups, BackupPC can create archives that stream to tape devices, or create files of specified sizes to fit onto cd or dvd media.

If you don’t select Save then the changes won’t be saved. This system is robust to any single failure: Unison is a utility that can do two-way, interactive, synchronization.