Since its first appearance, Philip Auslander’s ground-breaking book has and courtroom testimony, Liveness offers penetrating insights into media culture. On live performance, Auslander is trying to challenge the ideas of the traditional value of liveness. Performers in theatre cling to “the magic of. PDF | On Mar 1, , Dean Wilcox and others published Liveness: Performance in a Mediatized Culture. By Philip Auslander. London & New York: Routledge.

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Philip Auslander Quotes

Television has become its own culture. Contents Live performance in a mediatized culture. RSS feed for comments on this post. Too often, the mediatised body is an anaesthetised body. I think Auslander takes an innovative and smart approach to this topic, but I don’t completely buy his argument that media have the same ontological status as live performance in that they disappear at a particle level.

Essays in Modernism and Postmodernism Routledge,and Liveness: This approach treats the relationship as non-antagonistic, though. In tackling some of the last great shibboleths surrounding the high cultural status of the live event, this book will continue to shape discussion and to provoke lively debate on a crucial artistic dilemma: Tatsiana Licheuskaya rated it it was amazing Lvieness 21, Ronald McDonald performing in restaurants p.

Liveness: Performance in a Mediatized Culture

By looking at specific instances of live performance such as theatre, rock music, sport and courtroom testimony, Liveness offers penetrating insights into media culture. We need to remain alert to what happens to the body when it is mediatised.

TV was seen as a cultural sanitizer, to bring only appropriate legitimate content and values into the home. His most recent book is Performing Glam Rock: At the same time, however, the kiveness edition of Liveness reads as a very different book, especially in terms of tone, scope, and intellectual generosity.


Matthias KarmasinCarsten Winter No preview available – Similar properties can be said of digital media, but in that case it uses the hypermediate in addition to the immediate, and the illusion of the sanitized vanished much more quickly.

In theatre, livenrss is the matrix of power; the postmodern theatre of resistance must therefore both expose the collusion of presence with authority and resist such collusion by refusing to establish itself as the charismatic Other. Now that media is culturally dominant, live events are now modeled on mediatized ones. Even though it is arguable that rock is equally steeped in a long tradition of masculine display that was often effeminate and implicitly queer, evocations of that tradition are not generally seen within rock culture as celebrations of rock authenticity.

Generally, this style of thought puts liveness as the defined opposite of the recorded. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want auslanxer read. No occurrence of mass or scripted art can be considered authentic because of its reproducibility. The live elements will be perceived through that frame–they will be seen in terms of the video or digital media, not the other way around.

Live performances are just as susceptible to incorporating media elements as others.

He suggests that liveness auxlander mediatization are not oppositional categories in the field of performance, but instead have an intertwined and reciprocal relationship. Nevertheless, there is an ethical imperative not to conflate the body with its representations and mediations, but to remember that there is an actual body there somewhere, experiencing the consequences of what is being done to it.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Auslander opens by comparing theatre and media, referencing Herbert Blau and Karl Marx. Its specific ability to position itself as theatre’s replacement originates in the claims of immediacy made on behalf of television throughout its development, and in its claim to replicate theatrical discourse.

These ideas attempt to place a binary opposition between live performance and the media. Nick Rennis rated it liked it Oct 22, It can look on events exactly when and as they happen. Looking at specific instances of live performance such as theatre, rock music, sport, and courtroom testimony, Liveness offers penetrating insights into media culture, suggesting that media aulsander has encroached on live events loveness the point where many are hardly live at all. Browse by subject Browse by author.


Auslander is the editor of Performance: References to this book Is this real?: The dilemma of Brechtian performance is that, for all of Brecht’s emphasis on rationality and the undermining loveness theatrical illusion, the actor must convincingly portray something that she is not. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a livejess, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.

Preview — Liveness by Philip Auslander.

Darren rated it liked it Aug 20, No trivia or quizzes yet. On a positive note, I did enjoy his clever integration of thinkers like Baudrillard, Benjamin, and Derrida into his livenesz. And it’s hard to care about discussions of rock concerts and other kinds of televised performance aren’t contextualized in terms of all of the performance we are all doing with our digital technologies.

Tine rated it liked it Feb 25, This sounds to reference Greenberg on the Avant-Garde and Kitsch. Leila rated it really liked it Nov 05, Auslander makes some interesting arguments for rethinking the concept of liveness in a society that has grown up on media. Ultimately, Auslander emphasizes that there are no ontological differences between live performance and media.