Animal Attraction (An Animal Magnetism Novel) [Jill Shalvis] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A small-town veterinarian’s basic instincts. In this spicy sequel to Animal Magnetism, efficient and glamorous office manager Jade meets her match in her employer, the capable and. A small-town veterinarian’s basic instincts are tempted in this charming Animal Magnetism novel that’s “full of cuddly animals, hot men.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I’m seeing an unfortunate trend here, and I think maybe I should avoid her books in the future. Hell, I’ll even pretend he’s right some of the time Of course, there are lots of furry creatures, and as an animal lover, it made me love our hero that much more!

I loved the parrot [Peanut], the St. He talks to his attrachion ups on speaker phone around her so she hears all the stuff they sgalvis.

I just don’t like this at all. Brady, Lilah, and Adam brought some fun, they affected the two main characters, and they were all very likeable. I loved the mix of romance and real life and the naturalness of it all. He flirts with her like crazy, and she’s always like it’s hilarious to watch. And when I read the other book of the series, my primary motive will be to find Peanut in there.


The whole transition from co-workers to lovers is set in an idyllic town of Sunshine, which offers an inexhaustible host of funny characters and hilarious situations. It leaves him wondering – did his father ever live there?

Animal Attraction (Animal Magnetism, #2) by Jill Shalvis

Animal Magnetism Book 1 Jill Shalvis. Jade has suffered a traumatic experience back in the city which is revealed to us slowly during the story and is in Sunshine, Idaho working a job way below her paygrade in an attempt to escape her PTSD. The story is indeed is heartwarming to say the least. Ok where am I going with this? One more book to go.

Once again, I liked the whole vet clinic topic. We met Dell and Jade in book one. I love the characters that Shalvis creates, and both Jade and Dell are no exception.

Yes I loved Peanut! Dell is totally wonderful, too. I haven’t read the first book in the series but I wasn’t lost. Sorry, but I can’t see this guy caring about her at all with thoughts like that. Big surprise and yet no surprise at all given her writing histories. Dell and Jade have been working together for the past eighteen months and have managed to keep their relationship strictly business.

Jade Bennett couldn’t be happier to escape the big-city jungle to work with injured animals Which turned out to be too soon because his voice came through the door.

Animal Attraction: Animal Magnetism Book 2

Jade is running away, but running to find her courage. Jill Shalvis is an author not to be missed! Of course, it was fun seeing Lilah and Brady again.


And she carries this through in her actions, doing whatever her cousin and parents expect of her, not complaining when they step over her ie. And where did the extra staff come from? After reading Jill’s Lucky Harbor series, I was quickly hooked on her style of writing. There are lots of cute and cuddly animals, visits from Brady and Layla and lots of hot and sweaty body contact as Dell and Attrcation engage in some hand-to-hand self-defence sessions. This was definitely another winner for Jill Shalvis!!

That the man somehow actually enjoys making me happy? I actually thought that we’d get something different with this one because of Jade’s background and The Big Bad that plagues her for most of the book. The cost of this book. I hope this series continues for a while I’m sure Adam’s story is next.

Feb 28, Danielle rated attgaction it was amazing. He is a “no-commitment” kind of guy, but lately his receptionist has been more and more intriguing especially as now he is having to face the fact that she is leaving. They would have ruined the book for me if Dell hadn’t already done so.