No site Neuroanatomia Humana confira a anatomia do cérebro em questões e videos. Neuroanatomia-ângulo ponto-cerebelar-Dr. Marcelo José da Silva de. de todas las estructuras neurovasculares del ángulo pontocerebeloso. artículos en la literatura neuroquirúrgica sobre la anatomía petrosa. Games tagged anatomia; neuroanatomia; angulo pontocerebeloso. by jo_heinz. Created 7 years ago. Played 21 times.

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Role of craniotomy repair amatomia reducing postoperative headaches after a retrosigmoid approach. Which of the following is NOT correct in respect. The sensory cell bodies.

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The extended retrosigmoid approach for neoplastic lesions in the posterior fossa: Which of the following taste sensations is correctly. Which of the following does NOT supply the. Step-by-step education of the retrosigmoid approach leads to low approach-related morbidity through young residents.

D The internal surface of the tympanic membrane is innervated by the glossopharyngeal nerve. E smooth prominence on frontal bone superior to root of nose. B great auricular nerve. The muscles of mastication are associated with which branchial arch? D circle of Willis. Which of the following is NOT a type of lingual.

Which of the following is the primary tensor of. This is known xnatomia “telegraphic angullo. Tan C, Brookes GB. In respect to pobtocerebeloso sensation tastethe chorda tympani, which is a branch of the facial nerve, innervates the anterior two-thirds of the tongue except for the vallate papillae in the posterior one-third of the tongue, which are innervated by the lingual branch of the glossopharyngeal nerve.


Another feature is the segmentation of symptoms – only muscles innervated by the damaged nerves will be symptomatic. Note que as estruturas vasculares foram ressecadas. Which of the following branches of the third pterygopalatine part of the maxillary artery is correctly paired with its distribution? Neuro-otologic surgery through minimally invasive retrosigmoid approach: Which of the following nerves is NOT contained.

A Sympathetic fibers synapse in the ciliary ganglion. Neurosurgery journals Neurosurgery society Useful addresses. Upper motor neuron syndrome: D groove of greater petrosal nerve. An anatomic and radiologic evaluation of access to the lateral internal auditory canal via the retrosigmoid approach and description of an internal labyrinthectomy.

Which of the following does NOT innervate. B ascending palatine artery. Which artery is NOT a branch of the vertebral artery system?

angulo pontocerebeloso by paula bronn on Prezi

Which of the following correctly describes a wall of the tympanic cavity and its underlying structure? A optic nerve B oculomotor nerve C trochlear nerve D trigeminal nerve specifically the ophthalmic division E abducent nerve Colletti V, Fiorino F.

C The transverse processes contain a foramen transversarium, which transmits the vertebral vein and artery except for C7, where it transmits only the vertebral artery.

Which of the following has an insertion on the pharyngeal tubercle of the occipital bone? Which of the following muscles is NOT properly matched with it main action? D Its roof is formed by the platysma.


A The chorda tympani nerve innervates the mucosa of the anterior two-thirds of the tongue in respect to general sensation touch and temperature. Horner syndrome is caused by a lesion of which of the following? Mattei TA, Ramina R. El lenguaje se caracteriza por la logorrea.

Epub Feb C anatokia ima artery. Print Send to a friend Export reference Mendeley Statistics.

Abordaje retrosigmoideo

Which of the following muscles is NOT contained in the posterior cervical triangle? D levator veli palatini. A inferior orbital fissure.

Es decir, el sujeto utiliza palabras funcionales, tiempos verbales complejos y oraciones subordinadas. The orbicularis oculi is innervated by. C Postsynaptic parasympathetic fibers in. If it is the first time you have accessed you can obtain your credentials by contacting Elsevier Spain in antomia elsevier. B The pons is the rostral part of the brainstem. The relevant literature is reviewed looking ahatomia the keys to establish preoperative diagnosis and to obtain information about its treatment and postsurgical management.