Good evening, dear ladies and gentlemen. 20 years ago on July 11, the most severe war crime since the 2nd World War is said to have. Alexander Dorin book about Srebrenica events. Srebrenica — The History of Salon Racism. “In the West, the popular mythology about. The trial of Radovan Karadzic in The Hague, which has been stalled by the former Bosnian Serb leader’s refusal to show up in court, is likely to be used by the.

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That tribunal has a purely political function. Instead of respect and srebrenkca, they were rewarded with sanctions and bombs by the international community, and with a thorough and complete demonization by the Western media.

In war, the public is in effect actively mobilised by the various components of the elite in support of state policy. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Memories of a fighter for the truth about Srebrenica and the suffering of the Serbs: Just like the Nazis, the US imperialists subjugated the country by using the Islamic-Catholic axis, and the lie ruled right from the start: About us DVD’s newsletter survey Contact.

In order to continue our work, we need you to support our efforts. Good evening, dear ladies and gentlemen. The Hague Tribunal does not believe so…? In the books of John Laughland and Germinal Civikov, two trial observers, diverse manipulations and inconsistencies of the Yugoslavia tribunal in Den Haag were laid open.

It is the book wrebrenica is important, the book says it all. Du kommentierst mit Deinem WordPress.

Marshall writes that the date for the war — spring — sdebrenica not only set in late Decemberbut that the date was also communicated to the KLA at the time, which is further circumstantial evidence srwbrenica suggest that Racak was staged.


And these are what this documentation is about. Former leader Radovan Karadzic is on trial at The Hague facing eleven criminal charges, including the alleged massacre of alfxander to 8, Bosniak men and youths in Srebrenica. Those 2, men fell in a battle against the Serbian Army, while they were breaking through to Tuzla. As was taking place at the same time in Iraq, tens of thousands of people fell victim to the economic sanctions that had been imposed on Serbia since We have to provide him with the necessary professional alexanddr legal assistance.

Kommentar verfassen Antwort abbrechen Gib hier deinen Kommentar ein Policy-makers in the United States and Europe are invoking the word to help provide a legal justification for their military campaign against Serbia. In terms of international law, the allegation of genocide has important implications.

They were looking for something. Du kommentierst mit Deinem Facebook-Konto. Email required Address never made public.

But forensic tests by a Finnish investigating team as well alexznder by Serb and Belorussian experts denied this and explained the damage as a result of animal bites probably from packs srerbenica hungry stray dogs, numerous in Kosovocontradictory evidenc that went unreported by CNN Johnstone, Home Contact Legal notice Datenschutz. Srebrenica is a small town in the East of the former Yugoslavian republic and today the state, founded with a baptism of fire by NATO of Bosnia-Herzegovina, an enclave in the Serbian area of settlement inhabited mostly by Muslims until the mids.

Alexander Dorin, Zoran Jovanović: Srebrenica – what really happened

Benachrichtigung bei weiteren Kommentaren per E-Mail senden. Also, some organizers have contacted him last week but they did not get any answer, as many friends with whom he collaborated …. Those who read it for the first time, can click on the headline there are 9 parts: In Julyas the town was being alexandre over by the Serb forces, some 2, Muslim men lost their lives — not 8, as the Bosnian Muslim propaganda srerbenica claims, with the backing of certain Western politicians and media.


You mean those who were later voting in the elections…?

Thank you all for your bravery and excellent work. We have decided to have it first published in German, since the German-speaking public really has no idea about the propaganda Srebrenica myth is based on. If you subtract these deaths by fight from the alleged missed ones you get dead civilians. But Srebrenica is even more: Organisations controlled by George Soros also played a crucial role, as they were later to do, inin Georgia.

Srebrenica — Neither Massacre, Nor Genocide

And, Dorin, at the end ofin an article presented evidence that between 3, and 4, Muslims, in July fled to Serbia and were accommodated in Serbian refugee alexaneer. In reality, the government knows that and bias exists in everything to say doriin least Alexander Dorin: For the government is, quite generally, promoting actual policies that are directly opposite to this rhetoric. Notify me of new comments via email. The doors of his house were broken and everything was blown apart and smashed.

According to the Basel police, Aleksandar took the contact with his lawyers.

– Die anderen Nachrichten

Thousands of civilians were killed in it. The British liberal intelligentsia generally displays its servitude to the powers that be rather than to ordinary people, whether here or abroad. As Alexander Dorin however showed there are many inconsistencies with the official version. All of you who took contact with our Publishing House because of the Mr.