Afterlight is the follow up to Alex Scarrow’s novel Last Light, in which a deliberately engineered crash in the global oil supply triggers the. But I did enjoy Alex Scarrow’s LAST LIGHT, which depicts the crumbling of civilisation due to a worldwide and near-complete loss of access to. Notable works, Last Light, TimeRiders. Partner, Debbie Chaffey. Children, Jacob Scarrow, his son. Relatives, Simon Scarrow. Website. Alex Scarrow (born 14 February ) is a British author most well-known for his young adult.

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They enjoy scarfow violent video games, listening to hip hop, demanding that bitches show them their “pooty”, and wearing lots of gold jewellery. There’s rarely a plan. This is a teenage boy who thinks about Yu-Gi-Oh a scxrrow and doesn’t know what a blowjob is, so bear with himand Leona plans to return to her old house, where her dad died, and kill herself, which is At times, it is very gripping, moving, thought-provoking and unnerving.

The very idea that perhaps brute strength afterlighh a fondness for weaponry are not the skills one will need in a revamped civilisation is an interesting heresy to see played out. With a large stockpile of emergency rations this group has not felt the pressing necessity to become self-sustaining, although an attempt has been made. And that, happens through Alice.

Afterlight (Last Light, #2) by Alex Scarrow

The circumstances and character behaviour if well written should be enough to tell the reader a situation is tense or not without a lot of!!! Paperbackpages.

Not a single redeemable trait in the character to make him worthwhile. God, this man must be a nightmare dinner party guest. Afterlight is the follow up to Last Light, with the story being picked up 10years after the events of the first book. Run by a civil servant and policed by a gang of teenagers with guns, it is far from safe.


Now it’s ten years later, and she hasn’t changed apart from the sudden development of a five-year-old girl. The apocalyptic world 3,25 is quite well described if not totally believable. Last LightTimeRiders.

However, I didn’t enjoy the story as much as the original for a number of reasons. And maybe it’s true. It’s set 10 years after the events of the first one, Alex Scarrow states his reasons why which I thought was a refreshing thing to see – I like it when an author takes time to connect with their readers.

Thoroughly enjoyed this story from start to finish. That’s it, I’m killing your character! Buy this book you will not be disapointed.

They would be absolutely ruthless in their desire to keep control and ultimately law and order would be maintained. Afterlight is a very fascinating novel and makes the reader think.

There are some interesting parallels to Lord of the Flies and the inclusion of a charismatic child abuser added a dime Post apocolyptic thriller, which had me from the first page.

I may revisit this book at a later date, but that would be through obligation rather than desire. I fair enjoyed this second scarro in the series.

Alex Scarrow

They were after her because she xfterlight had the power to identify them, and they had sent their most prized assassin to try to destroy her. Everyone in the safety zone. She wondered if the girl was really there out of choice – because she afherlight treated to a little alcohol, a little dope every now and then. It’s impossible to agree or disagree as to whether this is how the collapse will finally come about probably not in my lifetime but when, not if afterlitht I think this scenario unlikely.

I did have to withhold incredulity that the scavengers kept finding more containers of food or scarrrow or cigarettes even ten years after the collapse of society and I’d have thought rather more communities would have set themselves up Many apocalyptic stories tend to centre around destruction and chaos, zombies, guns, cars that still work years later despite petroleum having a limited life span.


There’s a really unpleasant undercurrent here: Review quote A bleak, chilling vision of the furture that ends, finally, on a note of flickering optimism. Leona’s mother Jenny is grievously injured. To ask other readers questions about Afterlightplease sign up.

Alex Scarrow clearly thought this was a very clever idea possibly worth opening a tin of Heinz forbecause he stretches it to breaking point. Another nit-pick for me is the use of capitols in dialogue. When we last saw Leona, she was an eighteen-year-old university student.

We are also given flashbacks to the O2 Arena in London, set up as an emergency point and we see how that has evolved over the years and how it might clash with the community on the oil rig. The baddies are a group of brutalised survivors from one of the government Safe Zones in London, led by a former history teacher who’s raised an army of child soldiers to rule his ‘serf’ class.

Sep 05, Rutu Mulkar rated it did not like it. About a year or so ago, I read the Alex Scarrow novel ‘Last Light’ where the world’s oil supply is disrupted, global civilisation collapses within a matter of days and an English family fights to survive and escape from an increasingly savage London.

He has also written several screenplaysand is currently writing a highly successful young adult fiction series, [5] which, according to his TimeRiders website, “Allowed him to really have fun with the ideas and concepts he was playing around with when designing games.