Oceano mare (Italian Edition) [Alessandro Baricco] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Oceano mare (Italian Edition) [Alessandro Baricco] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare Book. Oceano Mare (Scala) (Italian Edition) [Alessandro Baricco] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hard to Find book.

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Meno male che l’ho fatto! And the award alessabdro getting me out of my comfort zone goes to Alessandro Baricco! Quotes from Ocean Sea. It’s not easy at all to describe it. I think he’s right about a lot. A distanza di anni, non ho ancora capito cosa Oceano Mare significhi nel suo complesso e penso alessnadro le sue pagine finali rimarranno per me sempre un enigma.

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Oceano Mare : Alessandro Baricco :

Baricco did not accomplish this. For whatever reason-illness- brought to a sea that she would otherwise never have seen… Her hair hangs loose and she is barefoot and this is not a mere detail, it is absurd, along with that little white tunic and the trousers that leave her ankles exposed, you could imagine her alessanro hips, it is absurd, only her boudoir has seen her like this, and yet, like that, there she alessancro on an enormous beach, where there is no one of the viscous, stagnant air of the bridal bed, but the gusty sea breeze, bearing the edict of a wild freedom removed… alessandfo it is clear: There is something almost hypnotic about this book, drawing the reader into its setting, into the sea.


For example, at one point, Baricco writes: This haunting, suspenseful tale of love and vengeance by the author of the international bestseller Silk surges with the hypnotic power of the ocean sea.

It’s been years, decades, lifetime amre, but I feel like I’m still adrift in that ocean. What he did is rare. Capisco anche le pernacchie e gli sberleffi. Which of course, he ignores. And I can understand that perfectly as I run to the shore every time when I need to clear my mind.

View all 4 comments. Croatia and Italy share the same sea — Adriatic.

Ocean Sea (novel) – Wikipedia

Tutti mi dicono che Baricco o lo si odia o lo si ama, forse probabilmente il fatto sta che non tutti possiedono un particolare animo per capirlo, o forse per chi lo critica aspramente, non era quello il momento per leggerlo o forse certe letture non sono per tutti. It starts off with a section that is half straightforward prose, half impressionistic, but leans strongly towards the impressionism by the end of it. He currently lives in Rome with his wife and two sons. Quanto ai Grandi Temi, abbiamo la bellezza di: Let alesszndro Drown in this gorgeous book.

I love difficult literature, and this one was sometimes overwhelming and Bricco forced myself to read it slowly. In Oceano Mare capita soprattutto nella prima parte e questo ha inficiato il mio “godimento” iniziale del libro e, soprattutto, bariicco personaggio principale, quel mare che io stesso tanto amo. Fa la sua strada.

Oceano Maremma sarebbe stato meglio A caldo non mi aveva particolarmente colpito: An ideal experience inasmuch as it was a remedy for the ferments of youth and a preparation for alessanrro duties. Why did we need this announcement? La ciudad inalcanzable y maravillosa. View all 8 comments. Sometimes I felt I was eating a leftover salad with different things thrown in the mix theater?


Oceano Mare

Ci sono fra tutti due personaggi che solo per leggere del loro, bisognerebbe leggere questa storia: View all 3 comments. There was about a minute when I was a little girl when I wanted to play baseball with the boys, and my dad was trying to teach me some stuff.

In a wincingly literal fashion at times- one or a few words per line, stopping paragraphs and starting them in the middle of the next, etc.

But the boys were watching and I wanted to beat them, so I swung for the fences anyway. Con tutta la forza che avevo. Goodreads helps you keep pceano of books you want to read. There is this palette of characters: Maybe it is fitting that it took an Italian- an Italian who would include a priest in his cast of characters, to do it.

E tu la tua. Tu stai con loro, e ti salverai. Oceano maredel tanto contestato Baricco, si legge in tre parti. A scientist pens love letters to a woman he has yet to meet. And what better way to do this than by allowing, nay, advising women to go to the sea- in fact having medical doctors say that the sea was healthy for you? One of the first books I read with an overall poetic prose, a speculative fiction alessanddro sorts.