Alcad is a leading manufacturer of advanced Ni-Cd batteries delivering long service life, safety and reliability, even in extreme operating conditions. batteries. TV. Reception and Distribution. Produc. Marke. Alcad. P.O. B. Polнgo. PF PF Diameter cm. x 85 x x Mast mount mm. Alcad x LD40P () Alcad Ni-Cd battery · Alcad HCP · Alcad HP AH Obsolete Alcad PF · Alcad M 60P CAPACITY AH/5H/ .

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Each ZA module can be programmed for single-channel or multi-channel operation, amplifying several channels, the ZA can be programmed to act as high-selectivity filters for adjacent UHF channels. Terrestrial Antennas Four ranges of terrestrial antennas are available: Individual terrestrial TV or satellite installation.

The new vandal proof entrance panels range by ALCAD is the best option if you are looking for a durable and reliable solution that suits all needs.

Products of 1st class European Quality. This modular system consists of a feeder, an amplifier and up to 10 transmodulators that are mounted on a support frame. The device is characterised by its wide operating temperature tolerance, making it highly reliable. Programming of the output channel by frequency or by means of a channel table, generating a channel of particularly good quality. Individual terrestrial TV installation with amplifier and power amplifier mast used as a pre-amplifier.

Multimedia TV

Channel converter equipment to organise the spectrum as needed. Zamak chassis with metal caps. Modular channel processor device for digital and analogue terrestrial TV. The pre-amplifier is fed from the amplifier.

The distribution takes place in a tree pattern using splitters. There are also a great variety of mixers and filters for masts that allow the signals from several antennas to be mixed via a single coaxial cable. The cord anchors must be fixed to the roof. Get to know our catalogue in depth.


Headmast device for terrestrial TV comprising an equaliser filter and a broadband amplifier. The cords are fixed to the turret using cable ties and are tightened with tensors to ensure the turret is perfectly vertical.

Follow us Youtube Linkedin Blog. The mixer allows installation when signal reception levels are high. The noise figure is extremely low, so as to amplify signals without loss of quality.

Complete ZA device where the assembly and module operation methods are indicated. The main advantages of this device is its selectivity, which prevents interference between channels and frequency conversions without incompatibilities.

Quick and easy to assemble. Chassis in zamak with metallic side covers. All functions are programmable through a programmer, including the selection of input and output channels.

Simple assembly, easily adaptable to each situation thanks to the input demixing and output mixing system. Recommended device for installations in hotels, hospitals and other large buildings. Adjustable frequency for input channels in KHz steps. Terrestrial TV installations of an individual type, where the reception level is very weak. Offset-type parabolic antennas with high gain and efficiency, and fibre with LNBs. The main advantage of this device is the quick equalisation and adjustment of all installation channels under any reception conditions, however adverse.

When using the demixing bridges on top of the deviceit is necessary to replace the metal caps for 75ohm loads. This feature reduces dramatically the risk of failure.


PF Antena Parabólica Offset cm.

Latest News Subscribe to our newsletter News. The main advantage of this device is the automatic and fast programming and adjustment of all the device filters. Areas where analogue channel reception is difficult, with large differences in level between channels and for adjacent channels. It enables the processing of any combination of channels, including adjacent channels with significant level differences.

The amplifier automatically feeds UHF lacad pre-amplifiers.

Alcad Products

We design, manufacture and market European quality technology products and systems. There are also filters, equalisers and accessories.

The LNB is powered and controlled from the individual receiver, through the amplifier. Easy to assemble and adjust, ensuring maximum strength and maximum safety during installation. The reflectors help avoid interference from the signals received from the back of the antenna. A recommended device for installations where more professional equipment is necessary than traditional compact devices.

Redundant power supply thanks to the integrated power supply and the option to connect an external one. Typical applications Digital and analogue terrestrial TV installations of an individual type that may or may not be affected by the emission of LTE mobile telephony signals with low or high gain requirements. The parabola is mounted on a base, which is fixed to the terrace by metal studs or using a alad base embedded in the terrace or in a concrete die.

This type of distribution allows the maximum number of outlets at the expense of alcaf more coaxial cable.