Al-Qushayris Epistle on Sufism Abu M-Qasim al-Qushayri Al-Risala al- qushayriyya ffiilm al-tasaxvwuf Translated by Professor Alexander D. Knysh Reviewed by. Already in , Arthur J. Arberry observed that al-Qushayri’s Risala draws heavily from the works of his predecessors Abui ‘Abd al-Rahman al-. Sulami (d. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Sep 1, , K. Honerkamp and others published Al-Qushayri’s Epistle on Sufism (al-Risala al-qushayriyya fi lhringilm.

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Bernd Radtke, Franz Steiner, Beirut, Only after that may they be allowed by God to appear to their former peers and disciples in dreams to inform them of their condition in the afterlife.

Table of contents Author’s introduction; On the masters of this path and their deeds and sayings that show how they uphold the Divine Law; An explanation of the expressions used by this [Sufi] community and of their difficulties; The [mystical] stations maqamat ; Glossary; Bibliography; Index show more.

I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, but things that were obvious for al-Qushayri and his contemporaries are, unfortunately, no longer obvious for us. Qushayri al, Imam Abi al-Qasim A. Nujayd 69 Abu 3 1-Hasan c Ali b. As a rule, the use of footnotes has been kept to a minimum, though a more extensive use al-rosala them was necessitated in some cases. Since I have used Arthur J. Translation, introduction, and notes by A lexander D. In selecting the books for the series, the Center took into account all alrisala areas of Islamic intellectual pursuit that could be represented.

Isma’il al-Hiri 45 Abu 3 1-Husayn Ahmad b.

In such cases, I refer the reader to two or several possible individuals with similar names in the Index. He returned to Baghdad where the Caliph al-Qa’im had him perform hadith teachings in his palace. Occasionally, brackets along with footnotes may be used to clarify obscure passages in the Arabic original. Upon his return to Khurasan al-Qushayri had to settle down in Tus, 8 since Nishapur was still controlled by his Hanafite adversaries. First, the Ibara which is the meaning of the text meant for the mass of believers.

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Currently he is the President of a private educational and consulting institution in the Chicago area, Illinois. In the introduction to the biographical section al-Qushayri takes pains to present the Sufis as the rightful heirs to the Prophet and his pious Companions.

Further examination could reveal the effects of the historical context for the compilation of al-Risala and its repercussions after al-Qushayri in the Islamic world.

For the orthodox sufis like al- Qushayri there were no contradictions between shariah and tariqah and he was also in great dismay with the deviant sufi practices and in particular with the claims to be exempted of shariah after reaching spiritual degrees through sufism. The works selected for inclusion in this series meet specific criteria.


Book ratings by Goodreads. Cambridge University Press UK. Visions of Reality UK. Shayban al-Qirmisini 66 Abu Bakr al-Husayn b. Muhammad al-Rudhbari 62 Abu Ap-risala ‘Abdallah b. Readers will therefore see that this series includes a variety of works in the purely Islamic sciences, such as Qur 5 an, hadiththeology, al-qushaygi traditions sunnaand jurisprudence fiqh.

Other Publishers; Middle East. Skip to main content. First, the Ibara which is the meaning of the text meant for the mass of believers. Dar al-Salam Cairo, Egypt. His research interests include Islamic mysticism and Islamic theological thought in historical perspective as well as Islam and Islamic movements in local contexts especially Yemen and the Northern Caucasus.

Views Read Edit View history. Muhammad al-Murta’ish 62 Abu ‘Ali Ahmad b. Al-risals philosophers Medieval philosophers births deaths Sufis from Nishapur Philosophers from Nishapur 10th-century Iranian people Asharis Shafi’is. Isma’il al-Maghribi 54 Abu 3 l-‘Abbas Ahmad b. Muhammad al-Muzayyin 65 Abu ‘Ali b.


Also represented will be books by Muslim al-qushayrk on medicine, astronomy, geography, physics, chemistry, horticulture, and other fields. I am content with what He gives and what He does not give. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.


This text is essentially a reminder to the people of his era that Sufis had authentic ancestral tradition, as well as a defence of Sufism against the doubters that rose during that time of his life. Other Publishers; Middle East. These writings include, but are not limited to, topics of logic, grammar, philosophy, scientific terminology, rhetoric, Qur’anic exegesis, Holy Tradition, the life of Muhammad, jurispridence, dogma and Tasawwuf.

It has been deemed appropriate, in order to ensure accuracy and fluency, that two persons, one with Arabic as his mother tongue and another with English as his mother tongue, should participate together in the translation and revision of each text. Encyclopaedia of Islam New Edition. His Epistle is probably the most popular Sufi manual ever. Even when this delicate balance is successfully struck, the exegete is still in need of divine assistance in grasping the subtleties of the divine revelation.

Or sometimes they were in contrast to such influential movements because they regarded them as a threat to the locus of authority.

Maktabat Dar al-Daqqaq Syria. This series is published by the Center for Muslim Contribution to Civilization, which serves as a research centre under the patronage of H.