This blog, written by Michael Felt, discusses AIX security topics. Articles on IBM AIX security including PowerSC, AIX RBAC, AIX shell scripting, passwords and user security. RBAC or Role Based Access Control has been available in AIX since starting with AIX Prior to that, access control is AIX was the same as for any .

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The system has a pre-defined authorization to certain commands and roles for system-defined users.

There are five 5 components to the RBAC security database:. Traditional AIX systems have a limited set of authorizations that can be used to determine access to rac administrative commands.

The following example shows that the passwd command is the setuid program, which has the authorization and privileges to be executed as a non-root user. Document information More support for: The ISSO role manages all other roles.

RBAC-related commands

The data is stored in “flat-file text” so no additional database management engine is needed to use enhanced RBAC. Further, a user who is considered as administrator rbav provide an user-defined authorization to an executable program and assign the authorization to a role. It’s very likely that the command is in the privcmds database, as over system commands already exist there.

Non-root users will be additionally be blocked by the attributes login, rlogin,su and sugroups. From the previous example, you can understand that only the user who has the roles, authorization, and privileges should be able to execute shutdown. Basically, in enhanced RBAC we need to distinquish three concepts: User administration excluding password Filesystem administration Software Installation and Update Network Daemon management and device allocation.


This can be done from any source.

The system works by having front-end programs that are accessible via group or other permission bits. Rgac who considered this approach too limited generally opted for the package sudo – and accepted both the additional risks and workload associated with it use and administration.

This example is shown to explain the usage of RBAC. Contact the author for any further clarification on this topic. Otherwise the task or resource remains unaccessible. It is the single user which controls the system and the system as such does not have any control over the activities within the fbac.

Role-based access control in simple steps

In this way, you delegate the root responsibility to other users and reduce the security risk. Yes, access control DAC, or discretionary access controlbut no role based management of lists of authorizations or priviledges to execute sets of commands.

Prior to AIX version 6, portions of root-user authority could be assigned to non-root users. Successfully updated the Kernel Alx Table.

More Articles From Michael A. Create our custom role We’ll make a role with a name, and a default message letting future users know what the role does, and assigning that authorization to the role.

We use cookies to optimize your visit to our website. Note that this account is not in the group httpd.

Switch into a new role session If the role was assigned to the user but not set as a default role or the keyword ALL was not used for the default roles the user needs to switch into it: We’re specifically going to list the access authorizations necessary to run the program. In short, the operating system uses authorization to determine eligibility before performing a privileged operation like system calls. Interestingly, the lsconf command internally executes commands like bootinfo, which is a privileged command.


Jeyapaul Published on June 23, Check for an existing role that might be used instead of having rbad create one. Since the malicious user in this case will be malicious administrator who does NOT have complete authorization to do whatever he wants.

None of the above, continue with my search. Now we can assign this role to a user To assign the role to the user, change the user’s roles attribute: Install an application, e. This article aaix how RBAC provides enhanced security to the system. To bypass DAC, privileges are required.

This example shows that as the user httpd the installed modules can be listed apachectl -l but I cannot start the full-service. Establishing and maintaining security policy Setting passwords for users Network configuration Device administration SA – Systems Administrator The SA role provides authorizations for daily administration and includes: To avoid this problem, latest releases of AIX 6.

sudo-rbac – AIXTOOLS

However, for a real environment, the data owner and application management user identities should be different. Successfully updated the Kernel Command Table. System shutdown rbqc File system backup, restore, and quotas System error logging, trace, and statistics Workload administration.