Step-by-step guide to subtitling in Aegisub. Step 1: Starting out. ○ Open Aegisub; take the movie clip you want to subtitle and simply drag it into the. Aegisub. Discussion among translators, entitled: CPS settings with Aegisub. Forum name: Here is Aegisub manual Aegisub is a simple subeditor with advanced functionality. It allows you to Unpack the file and follow the instructions to compile and install it.

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Or create a new account. By using this site, you agree to aeglsub Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Video has gradually become the key content on the Eagisub. It’s simple Feb 11, bernade wrote: A small brown square appears.

Aegisub’s native subtitle format is Advanced SubStation Alpha text, which supports subtitle positioning and styling. Once these 4 steps are done, don’t forget to save your subtitles in the File tab.

The aim was to show how to easily synchronize subtitles to the video. Finally, it is necessary espao check that there are not too many characters manal linewhich is indicated on the right Be the first to know about our news! It is important to note that subtitling involves a technical part called spotting of subtitles. Once all this is done, you should see your video appears at the top left, with the subtitles below.


Features include support for timing to both audio and video, and can use many video processing bindings to process those, such as FFmpeg and Avisynth.

CPS settings with Aegisub (Subtitling)

Although, many groups use different tools for some of those steps, such as Adobe After Effects for typesetting, or a simple text editor for translation.

Moreover, it is not necessary to separate a noun from its adjective in two lines, nor a noun and a verb, on the contrary, it is necessary to proceed to a natural separation in order not to espzol the meaning of the sentence.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. What reading speed you should stick to depends on the target audience. Thanks Max Feb 11, Found it, I must have a different version of yours, cause I have to go to preferences. How to easily rework subtitles.

You can change the size of the outline and shadow on the right. The Aegisub software allows an easy and free editing subtitles.

You can change the font, size, put in bold, italic, etc. The Arte viewer service confirmed that “the choice of yellow subtitles is directly linked to a readability issue, in particular on black and white broadcasts. Forums All of ProZ. Found it, I must have a different version of yours, cause I have to go to preferences. Subtitling Free television software Translation software Lua-scriptable software Software that uses wxWidgets Software that uses Scintilla.

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Once Aegisub is open you must proceed in this order: To delete a subtitle, right-click on the subtitle and click on Delete lines. From what I know, French subtitles aehisub children’s programmes, for example, should normally not exceed manuap CpS, whereas subs for regular films and programmes can go up to 14 CpS and even 16 CpS in some cases.


We invite you to read this tutorial to guide you step by step through the use of the free Aegisub software.

Aegisub software user tutorial: What are those numbers and what does it mean when some are highlighted in pink? Tips for synchronize your subtitles to your video: Media related to Aegisub at Wikimedia Commons.

Because if they are saved in. Post Your ideas for ProZ.

For example, ARTE sets the bar adgisub a maximum of 30 characters per line. Thus, even if the format font, etc. Aegisub demonstrating visual typesetting and karaoke features. View Ideas submitted by the community. Do not hesitate to contact us for your video projects. Position your mouse over a subtitle and click on the Space button, this will allow you to play the subtitle with the corresponding audio.