Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching is a book edited by Dave Foreman, with a foreword by Edward Abbey. Contents. 1 Background; 2 Notes and. Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching Various Authors Contents Introduction to the Third Edition 14 Forward! 17 Chapter V. Strategic Monkey. Ecodefense has 98 ratings and 5 reviews. Christina said: I don’t know what I was expecting. I’m reading this in hopes I can use it in a paper critiquing.

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In addition to a number, each stake will probably have a letter or series of letters written on it. If this is done before the timber has actually been sold, the effect on compet- itive bidding can be considerable. Many of the projects that will destroy roadless areas buide economically marginal.

They can be broken into shorter lengths if you want. Cut the head off with the bolt cutters.

Rield it will not scratch monkeywrenchign, it is simply a quartz look-alike. In the militant Earth First! Evan Mora rated it really liked it Oct 29, In this type of spiking, the spiker drives several nails or non-metallic spikes, about which more later at a downward angle into the first two or three feet above ground of each tree.

Jon rated it it was amazing Aug 27, Although short stretches of logging road may exceed 8 or 9 percent, engineers try to keep below 6 percent on most stretches.

The engineers study topographical maps and get a rough idea of the most feasible route for a road into the Last Stand Grove.

A hand-powered brace and bit type of monnkeywrenching is both inexpensive and very effective for drilling large diameter holes in trees. A hard day of pounding spikes can blister the hands of the toughest. They are Drill Rod and Dowel Pins.


Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching

Hardening requires only a propane torch, a cheap pair of needle-nosed pliers, and a container with at least 2 gallons of warm water. A second effort in the same hole after clearing out the sawdust can double this depth. This way, the heads can be collected monkeywrenchng cutting off the heads of nails in trees.

Then fill the remainder of the hole with a caulking material, and camouflage as in any spiking operation. Stakes and flagging would constitute incriminating evidence should you be stopped and searched. They can also be found anywhere test drilling is done, particularly around mines, bridges, dams, and energy plants. No bearings are taken.

Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching – Google Books

Stakes are numbered beginning with the starting point of the road. Abbzug Press- Social Science – pages. If You Are Arrested.

One of the main weapons in the Earth First! Hubs are not flagged, since they are fielr pounded flush into the ground, but nails have a strip of flagging tied around the head before they are driven into the ground. In addition to the person or persons who are doing the actual spiking, at least one person should have the sole duty of acting as lookout. The following review was written twenty years ago by Harold Drasdo- respected elder statesman of the UK climbing community as well as being a life monkeywrebching anarchist and environmentalist.

Be sure to hide the spikes where you can find them monkeywrenchint if they are buried under several feet of snow.


Or, a spiker can fabricate a light, portable ladder which can be carried from tree to tree. One color will be used to mark the perimeter, while another color will be used to mark individual trees to be cut within the unit.

Rebels had attacked his home and trashed the offices of the vice-admiralty courts and the Comptroller of Customs, smashing windows and burning records.

Following are some important rules for correct operation of a trim saw: Or, a spiker can fabricate a light, portable ladder which can be carried from tree to tree.

Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching by Bill Haywood

Finally, peel off the paper tube exterior and mknkeywrenching the pins with a coat of exterior latex paint to protect the concrete from deterioration. In Octoberthe State of California passed two laws Senate Bill and Assembly Bill aimed at deterring tree spikers, even though a law on the books since the s already made spiking a felony. However, in many cases a spiker will not be able to do the job far enough in advance for bark to grow over the nails.

The Forest Service plans timber sales years in advance, but actual sale of the timber to a logging company is one of the last steps in the process. More elabo-rate techniques involve heavier equipment, greater expense, more time.

Stakes weather fast, flagging fades and eventually disinte- grates, and some forest creatures speed the process up by gnawing on the stakes.